Klavier Gavin

Klavier Gavin
Japanese nameGaryuu Kyouya
AgeAJ:AA: 24 (17 in flashback case)
OccupationProsecutor, Rock Band Lead
FamilyBrother: Kristoph Gavin

Klavier Gavin is a prosecutor and lead singer/guitarist in a band, the Gavinners, who first appears in the second case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Corner and serves as Apollo's rival.


[edit] Background

Unlike previous prosecutors in the series, Klavier doesn't have a personal vendetta with his work and acts honestly from the beginning, just wanting to find the truth and see the correct person behind bars. Coincidentally, like Edgeworth, Klavier also trained to become a prosecutor in Germany, as a result, he sprinkles his speech with German, most commonly calling women "fräuleins". He also has a habit of teasing others such as calling Apollo "Herr Forehead", for example.

[edit] Family & Friends

Klavier has an older brother, Kristoph, who also works in law, although he works as a defense attorney, rather than a Prosecutor. Just prior to Klavier's first trial as a prosecutor, Kristoph warned Klavier that false evidence would be submitted during the trial and prepared a witness for him that would corroborate this fact. As Kristoph had warned, fake evidence was submitted and the trial ended without a verdict. Seven years later it would come about that it was Kristoph who had set up the fake evidence in the first place, as well as commit two murders to try and cover everything up, as a result, Klavier had to prosecute against his own brother.

Klavier, being also a lead in a success band, means that he attracts alot of attention and people around him. All of his band members also work in the field of law, such as Daryan who is a detective. Although the detective that seems to work on most of his cases is Ema Skye, whom he seems to enjoy teasing. He also seems to form a bond with Apollo, helping him with the cases sometimes.

[edit] Work

Klavier Age 17
As mentioned, Klavier trained to become a prosecutor in Germany before moving to America (or Japan, depending on which localisation you're playing) to work. His first case was at the age of 17, making him the youngest prosecutor in the series to practice law in America, although Franziska von Karma beats the record over all, beginning prosecuting at 13 in Germany. His first case was against Phoenix Wright and this was the fateful case that would see Wright unknowingly present false evidence and lose his badge.

Klavier also sings and plays the guitar in his own band, The Gavinners. The band is quite successful, having many hit albums and singles. Their hit single was Guilty Love. As all of the members of the band work in law, all the songs also have a law theme to them. However, after Daryan was found guilty of murder, Klavier decided to break up the band.

[edit] Cases

Klavier appears in the following cases:

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