Juniper Woods

Juniper Woods
Japanese nameMorizumi Shinobu
AgePW:AA-DD: 18

Juniper Woods is a defendant who appears in the first and third case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. She is also a childhood friend of Athena Cykes.

[edit] Turnabout Academy

Woods' Mugshot in Turnabout Academy

In this trial, Woods is stood accused of killing her tutor, Constance Courte.

As a senior in the judge course at Themis Legal Academy, she was required to write a mock trial script that would be used in an actual mock trial. The details of this case were only known to Courte and Woods. Whilst the mock trial was ongoing, Athena Cykes and Phoenix Wright find Constance Courte's body on the Academy's stage ad so the mock trial was halted.

Cykes questioned Woods and her friends Robin Newman & Hugh O' Conner. She sensed discord in their voice when she questioned them over their friendship. The police quickly arrived to arrest Woods due to only she and Courte knowing about the case and how the mock & real case were very similar.

During the end of the trial, Woods confessed to the murder, followed by Robin Newman and Hugh O' Conner also confessing to the murder. The trial was forced to be stopped by The Judge who gave a day to the prosecution and the defence to sort out the case.

In the Detention Centre, Apollo Justice sensed that Woods was lying about something. Having figured out her tell, she confessed to seeing Hugh O' Conner coming out of the art room with bloodstained hands, being the "Academy's snitch" & figuring out that O' Conner was bribing the Academy.

However, Athena Cykes proved all three were not guilty of killing Constance Courte and in fact it was Aristotle Means after Courte found out that it was indeed him taking the bribes.

[edit] Turnabout Countdown

Woods' Mugshot in Turnabout Countdown

After some time of the previous case, Woods visited Apollo Justice. Woods was in the gallery when Ted Tonate announced that there was a live bomb in the courtroom. She fell whilst trying to escape and Apollo Justice shielded her, getting injured in the process.

She was then stood accused of planting and setting off the bomb in Courtroom No.4 & the murder or Detective Candice Arme. As the trial proceeded, Apollo Justice was attacked and therefore Woods was also stood accused of assaulting him. Despite this, Phoenix Wright proved it was in fact Ted Tonate who was guilty of all the crimes Woods was accused of, therefore proving Woods innocent.

[edit] Turnabout For Tomorrow

Woods visited the Cosmos Space Centre after hearing Athena Cykes was stood accused of Clay Terran's murder. Knowing that Woods was childhood friends of Cykes, Phoenix Wright asked her a few questions and Woods explained that Cykes grew up in the Space Centre and that the robots here were her friends.

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