Juan Corrida

Juan Corrida
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Japanese nameFujimino Isao
AgePW:JFA: 21 (deceased)

Juan Corrida was a successful actor who played the lead in a childrens show; the Jammin' Ninja who features as the victim in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Farewell, My Turnabout. At the beginning of the case, Juan, with a selection of other actors, had been entered into a competition to determine the "hero of heroes". Juan was tipped to win, but in the end the victory went to his closest rival, Matt Engarde. Shortly after the event, just prior to a press conference, Juan was killed in his hotel room by a hired assassin, Matt being the one who ordered the hit.

About 2 years previous to the event, Juan had been dating his manager, Celeste Inpax, and the two were even engaged to be married. However, just after they announced their engagement, Matt told Juan how he had already been with Celeste. Because of their fierce rivalry, Juan called off the wedding, causing Celeste to commit suicide. Juan was the first to find her body, and there was long believed to be a suicide note, but it went missing and was never found. However, it turned out that one didn't exist, it had been forged by Juan himself to expose what Matt had done to Celeste. Armed with this information, Juan waited for the right moment to "destroy" Matt, just like Matt had done to him.

After Matt had won the event, Juan planned to reveal the contents of the note to permanently damage Matt's image he had built for himself. But Matt had been keeping an eye on him and got wind of his plan, hiring an assassin to kill Juan, as well as retrieve the suicide note.

At this time, Juan was also dating Adrian Andrews, Matt's manager, but the only reason Adrian was really dating him was to try and find out about the suicide note Celeste left behind.

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