Jacques Portsman

Jacques Portsman
Japanese nameMakoto Yuki
AgeAAI:ME: 29

Jacques Portsman is a prosecutor who appears in the first case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Visitor. He recently joined the prosecution office with his office being next to Edgeworth's. Detective Buddy Faith is his work-partner, whom he refers to as Jim (or "Ryou" in the Japanese version) as Jacques refers to all his partners as Jim, claiming that their two names sound better that way. He is also a fan of sports and set up several pieces of sports equipment in the hallway outside his office.

Portsman was thought to be a normal prosecutor, but he turned out to be a member of the Cohdopian Smuggling Ring run by Quercus Alba, who was sent to become a prosecutor to influence the investigations, hide evidence, and overall do anything he could to make sure the leader of the ring was not found out. During the first case Portsman goes to his office in the small hours of the morning and switches the number plates of his and Edgeworth's, also moving some of the sports equipment in the hallway around so that Edgeworth's office now appears to be his own. He then went to find Maggey Byrde, the security guard on duty that night, and claims that he has forgotten his key and asks for her to unlock his office with the master key. Naturally Maggey does this for him, unknowingly unlocking Edgeworth's office and letting Portsman inside. Once inside he begins searching through Edgeworth's office for files related to a certain case.

Whilst he is searching, Buddy finds him in Edgeworth's office right in the middle of his theft so in order to silence him he snatches Buddy's police issue gun and shoots him. Portsman then tampers with the crime scene by wiping his prints off the gun and writing Gumshoe's name in blood across some files in a shelf by Buddy's body. He then leaves, coming back later once the news of Buddy's death has spread to the criminal affairs department. He comes back to the office to put on a show of mourning Buddy's death and goes about accusing both Gumshoe and then Maggey of his murder. However, Edgeworth is able to prove that Portsman was guilty.

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