Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

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Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
PlatformGameboy Advance, PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii (WiiWare service)
Japanese nameGyakuten Saiban 2
Release dates (GBA)JPN 22nd October 2002
Release dates (DS)JPN 26th October 2006
US 16th January 2007
EU 16th March 2007
AUS 6th September 2007
Release dates (PC)JPN 31st March 2006
Release dates (WiiWare)JPN 26th January 2010
US 15th February 2010
EU 19th February 2010
Age Ratings:CERO: A
PEGI: 12+


[edit] Release Information

Like the previous game, this was originally only released in Japan on Gameboy Advance. In 2006, the game was ported to the Nintendo DS and translated into other languages for the first time. However, unlike with the previous game, there were no additional cases added. Additionally, the game will also be made available for download on Nintendo Wii's WiiWare service in 2010.

[edit] Story

This is the second game in the series, set roughly one year after the end of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

[edit] Important Characters Introduced

[edit] Cases

[edit] The Lost Turnabout

In this case Phoenix Wright defends policewoman Maggey Byrde who has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, and fellow policeman, Dustin Prince.

[edit] Reunion, and Turnabout

In this case Phoenix Wright again defends Maya Fey who is accused of murdering a doctor, Turner Grey, who asked Maya to channel the spirit of a deceased nurse who worked at his practice.

[edit] Turnabout Big Top

In this case, Phoenix Wright defends magician Maximillion Galactica who is accused of killing Russell Berry, ringmaster of the circus he was working at.

[edit] Farewell, My Turnabout

In this case Phoenix Wright defends actor Matt Engarde, who plays the Nickel Samurai, who has been accused of killing Juan Corrida, the main lead in rival show, the Jammin' Ninja.

[edit] Music

Associated soundtracks:

[edit] Box Scans

[edit] Japanese Gameboy Advance Scans

[edit] Japanese DS Scans

[edit] American DS Scans

[edit] European DS Scans

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