Gregory Edgeworth

Gregory Edgeworth
Japanese nameMitsurugi Shin
AgeDeceased at age 35
FamilySon: Miles Edgeworth
OccupationDefense Attorney

Gregory Edgeworth is Miles Edgeworth's father. He used to be a famous and talented defense attorney and his son looked up to him and idolized him. He is very much hated by Manfred Von Karma.

[edit] DL-6 Incident

The case of Gregory's death was known as DL-6 and remained open for 15 years, only being fully resolved the day before the statute of limitations was due to expire. It was finally closed during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Goodbyes.

Gregory was defending in court that day, and was beaten by Manfred Von Karma. But during the trial he accused Manfred of faulty evidence, the accusation was upheld which lead to a penalty against von Karma's otherwise perfect record.

Later that day Gregory was in the courthouse elevator with his son and a baliff named Yanni Yogi when an earthquake struck causing a black out and the elevator to jam. Due to lack of oxygen, Gregory and Yanni started to argue. His son Miles became terrified as he sensed that Yanni was about to hurt his father. Yanni's pistol fell near Miles' feet, so he threw it at Yanni, causing the gun to fire, then lost consciousness.

Gregory and Yanni also lost consciousness due to the oxygen deprivation shortly after this. The bullet that fired as Miles threw the gun went through the elevator doors and hit Manfred von Karma's shoulder. The electricity came back on moments later and the elevator doors opened in front of von Karma. He saw the chance to kill Gregory for tarnishing his record, so he did, shooting him in the heart.

To establish what had happened, during the investigation Misty Fey channelled Gregory's spirit to find out who had murdered him. Gregory was of the belief that Yanni Yogi was his murderer, having no clue that von Karma had even been there, so accused him.

[edit] Gyakuten Kenji 2

Gregory also appears during a flashback case during Gyakuten Kenji 2, set whilst he was still alive and working as a defense attorney, aided by his assistant, Shigaraki Tateyuki.

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