Real nameDiego Armando
Japanese nameKaminogi Souryu
AgePW:T&T: 33 (27 in flashback case)
OccupationDefense Attorney, Prosecutor
Family Data:Girlfriend: Mia Fey

Godot is a prosecutor who appears mysteriously in the second case of the third game, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; The Stolen Turnabout. He has a hatred for Phoenix Wright, despite that Phoenix doesn't seem to even know who he is. His name is pronounced "Godo", the t being silent.


[edit] Background

Godot is in fact an alias, his real name being Diego Armando. Godot actually originates from his original name, its just made up by the last two letters in his first and last name, but with a 'T' added. His appearance baffles those around him as they don't know where he came from, despite his appearing to be somewhat of a veteran. He claims the reason for this is that he has been "dead" and has come back from Hell. The visor over his eyes he later explains is to aid his sight as it is "messed up", even with the visor he has difficulty with his vision as he is unable to see red on a white background for example. He also has an obsession with coffee and has a habit of calling beautiful women by the nickname "Kitten".

In the past, he was infact a defense attorney who worked closely with Mia Fey as they both worked for the same office. The two were quite close and worked together on one particular case where the verdict wasn't able to be decided, in which case the murderer got off free. Diego felt a sense of injustice about this and continued to research the case, but just as he was getting close to the killer, he was poisoned by her and slipped into a coma for five years. As a result of the poisoning he also became blind without the aid of the visor he wears currently, and his hair turned white.

After waking up from his coma he discovers that Mia had been murdered two years previously. This is where his hatred for Wright comes from as he believed he should have been there to protect her and blames him for allowing her death to happen. He then makes the decision to become a prosecutor so he can face against Wright in court.

[edit] Family & Friends

Diego Armando
Godot has no known relatives and his closest friend would be said to be Mia. The two appeared quite close and were presumed to have dated. Godot does describe himself as "taken" in one cases in the game.

During the last case of the game, Bridge to the Turnabout, Godot saves Maya's life by killing Elise Deauxnim who was possessed by Dahlia Hawthorne. However he isn't certain if he did it to defend Maya, or to get revenge on Dahlia for poisoning him and ruining much of his life as a result. He states that his life has been tough since the poisoning, and the will to avenge Mia (by saving Maya) was all that was keeping him alive. His fate after the case is left ambiguous.

[edit] Work

As stated, Godot, whilst living his life as Diego, was a defense attorney. He worked at Grossberg & Co. Law Firm alongside Mia, and presumably Hammond. After recovering from his coma he started to work for the Prosecution Office, although only in order to face against Phoenix Wright in court.

[edit] Cases

Godot appears, either as Godot or Diego, in the following cases:

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