Franziska von Karma

Franziska von Karma
Japanese nameKaruma Mei
AgePW:JFA: 18
PW:T&T: 19
AAI:ME: 19 (13 in flashback case)
FamilyFather: Manfred von Karma

Franziska is a prosecutor who first appears in the second case of the second game, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout. She appears from Germany, where she had been living and practising law in order to punish Wright, blaming him for Edgeworth's disappearance after the events of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It also seems like she holds a grudge against him for convicting her father, Manfred von Karma of murder, however she strongly denies it.


[edit] Background

Franziska is a strong minded woman who seems to always carry around a whip, which she uses on mostly everyone who annoys her, which is usually either Wright, Detective Gumshoe or sometimes even the Judge. She also has a habit of calling people by their full names and overusing the word "fool". Like her father, she strives to be perfect.

During the events of the last case of Farewell, My Turnabout, Franziska is shot in the shoulder and unable to prosecute. Incidentally, her father was also shot in the shoulder.

[edit] Family & Friends

Franziska was born and raised in Germany, whilst nothing is mentioned of her mother, her father is the famous prosecutor Manfred von Karma. She also grew up with Edgeworth after he was taken in by her father after his father's death. Despite that Edgeworth is 7 years older than her, Franziska refers to him as her "little brother", and although she doesn't show it obviously, she does see him like a brother to her.

She has a similar "friendship" with Gumshoe as Edgeworth had when he was first prosecuting, she ordering him around with threats, although this time he would face the whip, rather than have his pay docked. Despite her seemingly uncaring nature, the people that she meets, such as Maya and Pearl, seem to warm to her.

[edit] Work

Franziska became a prosecutor in Germany at age 13, making her the youngest character practising law in the game. She managed to retain a perfect win record up until her first case with Wright. After the events of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, she returned to Germany and didn't come back until requested to do so by Edgeworth during the last case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. After Godot's disappearance in the middle of the case, Franziska stands in for him in court, likewise, Edgeworth was filling in for Wright on the defense stand whilst he was in hospital. This was the first time that Edgeworth and Franziska had ever faced each other in court.

[edit] Cases

Franziska appears in the following cases:

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