Ema Skye

Ema Skye
Japanese nameHouzuki Akane
AgePW:AA: 16
AAI:ME: 18
AJ:AA: 25
OccupationStudent, Detective
FamilySister: Lana Skye

Ema is a student who first appears in the last case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. However, she also features prominently 9 years later in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, now as a detective.

Whilst in the early stages of creating what would later become Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Ema was originally proposed to be the title character, before the creators opted for Edgeworth instead as he is a more popular character.


[edit] Background

Two years previous to her appearance in the first game, Ema was involved in the death of Neil Marshall, who protected her whilst she was waiting at the police station for her sister and a serial murderer, Joe Darke, escaped custody during a power cut. During the struggle, Neil and Darke were fighting and by the end of it Neil wound up dead. Ema later testified in court and Darke was sentenced to death. This case became known as SL-9, or more famously as the Joe Darke Killings.

Ema has also had a keen interest in science, and later, Snackoos, a kind of snack that she is also seen munching on.

[edit] Friends and Family

Ema Age 16
Both Ema's parents are deceased, so Ema was raised by her older sister, Lana. After Lana is accused of the murder of Bruce Goodman, Ema goes to seek Mia's aid to defend for her in court. However, when she reaches the office she mistakes Phoenix Wright for Mia, having never met her before. After learning that Phoenix is infact not Mia, and that Mia has died, she takes on Phoenix's help to defend her sister.

She also became friends with Edgeworth during Lana's trial and was grateful for his help. She would later aid Edgeworth in an investigation during The Kidnapped Turnabout by letting him use a foot print identification kit. At the time she was still studying abroad in Europe, but had returned home whilst on holiday.

Nine years later after she has become a detective, Ema doesn't seem to have any particular friends, only really talking to Apollo and Trucy when they ask her science related questions. She also spends alot of time with Klavier Gavin through work but has a dislike for him due to his rockstar attitude, calling him a "glimmerous fop".

[edit] Work

Ema, whilst studying in Europe
Ema in her first appearance was a student studying to work in forensics. After the events of Rise from the Ashes Lana arranges for Ema to study abroad in Europe with a friend of hers who is a coroner. However she wasn't able to pass the necessary exams and ended up becoming a regular detective. However, she still keeps her interest in science and applies it to her work wherever she is able to.

[edit] Cases

Ema appears in the following cases:

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