Miles Edgeworth

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Miles Edgeworth
Japanese nameMitsurugi Reiji
AgePW:AA: 24
PW:JFA: 25
PW:T&T: 26 (20 in flashback case)
AAI:ME: 26 (20 in flashback case)
Brief Defense Attorney
FamilyNatural Father: Gregory Edgeworth
Adopted Father: Manfred von Karma
Adopted Sister: Franziska von Karma

Miles Edgeworth is a Prosecutor who acts as Wright's friend and rival throughout the games. He makes his first appearance in the second case of the first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Sisters. He also appears as the lead character in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.


[edit] Background

As a child, Edgeworth always dreamed of becoming a defense attorney like his father, Gregory Edgeworth. However, after the events surrounding his father's death and the fact that the criminal was let off, he developed a hatred for criminals and set out to prove all criminals guilty, uncaring of whether they were innocent or not, and switched to become a Prosecutor. His favourite show is the Steel Samurai, a fact he tries to hide on occasion.

[edit] Friends & Family

As mentioned, Edgeworth's father was a defense attorney and he aspired to become one like him. Even when he was growing up, at school he defended Wright in a mock school trial when Wright was accused of stealing his lunch money. He and Wright, and also Larry, became good friends growing up. However, after Edgeworth's fathers death, he was taken out of school and moved to Germany to live with his fathers friend, Manfred von Karma and his daughter, Franziska. Nothing is mentioned of Edgeworth's mother, so it is presumed she is already dead.

Edgeworth doesn't come into contact with Wright again until they face each other in court for the first time, apparently ignoring Wright's letters he had been sending prior to this. He doesn't see Wright as anything more than another defense attorney to beat, however, after he is defended by Wright in Turnabout Goodbyes, he changes his view on how he has been acting and begins to change himself for the better, seeing defense attorneys and prosecutors as people who need to work together. He and Wright become good friends after this, with Edgeworth reappearing to help Wright on his more difficult cases and even step in for him as the defense attorney for a period whilst Wright is ill in hospital during the last case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; Bridge to the Turnabout, after suffering from a fever when falling off the burning bridge.

Aside from Wright and Larry, Edgeworth seems to be good friends with Detective Gumshoe. Although their friendship seems a little one-sided to begin with, with Edgeworth making Gumshoe do things for him whilst threatening to dock his pay unless he does. Edgeworth is also friends with Maya and Pearl, through Wright. He is also on good terms with Franziska, whom he grew up with, they seem to have a rivalry between them although it is mostly on Franziska's side. Despite being 7 years older than her, Franziska refers to Edgeworth as her little brother. He also seems to have a good working relationship with Kay Faraday, who assists him in his investigations.

[edit] Work

Edgeworth Age 20
Edgeworth is a public prosecutor, and an incredibly successful one. He was the youngest prosecutor in the country at the time starting at age 20, although his record would later be broken by Klavier Gavin. He didn't lose a single case until his first trial against Wright. Because of this and rumours of his methods about false evidence and witness tampering, he was nicknamed the Demon Prosecutor. Incidentally, in his first trial he went up against Mia Fey, which was her first trial aswell. Infact Edgeworth's first case was supposed to have been 6 months earlier when he was due to take over from prosecutor Byrne Faraday who had been cast into suspicion during the proceedings. But, the case was cancelled entirely after the death of both the initial suspect and Faraday. He studied law under Manfred von Karma, picking up alot of his mannerisms, especially when he was younger.

After the last case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Edgeworth left the Prosecutor's Office and "disappeared", leaving a note to say "Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth chooses death". He wouldn't return until the last case of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All to stand in for Franziska who had been shot just prior to the trial.

Edgeworth is frequently out of the country for his work, but does return every once in a while he is set to reappear during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

[edit] Cases

Edgeworth appears in the following cases:

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