Dustin Prince

Dustin Prince
Profile (Dustin Prince).png
Japanese nameMachio Mamoru
AgePW:JFA: 30 (deceased)

Dustin Prince was a policeman who worked at the same precinct as Detective Gumshoe, and was also dating fellow police officer, Maggey Byrde. His favourite colour is yellow, he's a fan of baseball and also left handed. He is the victim of The Lost Turnabout.

Some six months after he and Maggey started to date, they were walking in the park when they came across a lost mobile phone. The owner happened to ring the phone and they agreed to meet so the owner could retrieve the phone. However, the owner never showed up and shortly after, Dustin was pushed by the phones owner, Richard Wellington, off the upper section of the park. The fall caused him to break his neck, dieing as a result. As it turns out, Wellington was not only the owner of the phone, but also a con artist. Because Dustin was still in his police uniform when Wellington came to collect his phone, he panicked, thinking he'd been caught out and lashed out, killing him.

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