Director Hotti

Director Hotti
Japanese nameHotta Clinic Doctor
OccupationClinic Director (?)

Director Hotti, AKA Director Hickfield, is a supposed director of the Hotti Clinic, and later Hickfield Clinic. Although whether he is actually a director or even a doctor at all is debatable at best. He is especially fond of beautiful women and spreading gossip.

Hotti first appears in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout when Phoenix goes to the clinic to inquire about Ini Miney, a patient who was discharged from there 6 months ago. Obviously, being an attractive female patient, Hotti remembers her and even stole her license photograph that was used to reconstruct her face after her terrible burns sustained from a car accident.

He appears briefly again during Farewell, My Turnabout after Franziska is admitted to hospital after being shot, and again some years later during Turnabout Corner, this time at the Hickfield Clinic after Phoenix is admitted after being hit by a car.

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