Dick Gumshoe

Dick Gumshoe
Japanese nameItonokogiri Keisuke
AgePW:AA: 30
PW:JFA: 31
PW:T&T: 32 (26 in flashback case)
AJ:AA: 32 in flashback case
AAI:ME: 32 (26 in flashback case)

Dick Gumshoe is a detective who first appears in the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Sisters.


[edit] Background

[edit] Friends & Family

Because of Gumshoe's well-meaning nature, he attracts alot of friends in the series. Most notably is probably Edgeworth whom he has a great deal of respect for and always denied the rumours about his witness tampering and use of falsified evidence. He is also good friends with Phoenix, Maya and Pearl and, along with Edgeworth, will go out of his way to help them in their cases, although he seems to think he has somewhat of a rivalry with Phoenix. Gumshoe also has a crush on former police officer Maggey Byrde but she doesn't seem to realise his affections. He also has a habit of calling people "pal". He has a good relationship with Kay Faraday, with her calling him Gummy. Sometimes, however, they try to compete to see who Miles Edgeworth's real assistant is.

Gumshoe has no known family.

[edit] Work

Gumshoe started out as a police officer and worked his way up to be promoted to a defective, specialising in homicide cases. He says he gets himself assigned to the best cases because of his "powers of persuasion". He often works for the Prosecutors but is often willing to help Wright in his side of the cases too. A running joke is that the various prosecutors, particularly Edgeworth, will dock Gumshoe's pay if he doesn't complete a certain task. As such, Gumshoe often complains that he doesn't have much money and is living off instant noodles. He is usually a common victim to Franziska von Karma's whip.

[edit] Cases

Gumshoe appears in the following cases:

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