Dahlia's Present

Dahlia's Present
Recieved fromPhoenix Wright
CaseTurnabout Memories

This is a pendant owned by Dahlia Hawthorne, the tiny bottle inside often contains a poison. Originally, Dahlia and Terry Fawles buried the pendant up on Eagle Mountain, with Dahlia telling Terry if they ever couldn't trust each other, to drink from the bottle. During the trial in Turnabout Beginnings, such a thing did happen, Terry drunk from the vial and died moments later.

About six months later Dahlia used the vial again, this time by putting the poison contained inside into Diego Armando's coffee. Although Diego managed to survive, he fell into a coma for 5 years and was blinded by the poison. After poisoning Diego, Dahlia gave the necklace to Phoenix Wright to hide the evidence for a while, claiming it was a token of her love.

Eight months later during the Doug Swallow's murder trial, Phoenix showed Mia Fey the vial, naturally she remembered it from the case over a year ago, and it was used as evidence to finally convict Dahlia Hawthorne.

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