Cody Hackins

Cody Hackins
Japanese nameOotaki Kyuuta
AgePW:AA: 7

Cody Hackins is a witness in Case 3 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Samurai. He is a massive Steel Samurai fan and always carries a camera with him. He is first seen climbing through a hatch in Global Studios. He acts obnoxious but shows a nice side of him towards Mia Fey. He states he saw the murder of Jack Hammer, but won't discuss unless you swap the only card he doesn't have in his Steel Samurai card collection, which Phoenix obtains off Penny. As he discusses he is taken in by detective Dick Gumshoe to testify. Due to being young, he testifies on a box. He gets the better of Miles Edgeworth with sly comments, however his testimony proves wrong as he testifies the Steel Samurai always gets the final blow, which he takes a picture of with his new digital camera, but in fact he lied because he was upset that Steel Samurai was the one who lost. You later see him in the game credits, where he says he sneaked into the Studios again, and was shocked to see Will Powers' face, the actor who plays the Pink Princess.

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