Clay Terran

Clay Terran
Japanese nameDaichi Aoi
AgePW:AA-DD: 23 (deceased)

Clay Terran is a victim who appears in the "Cosmic Turnabout" & "Turnabout For Tomorrow" cases of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. He was a friend of Apollo Justice.

[edit] Early Life

Terran met Apollo Justice after Justice approached him on a park bench; since Terran was crying alone over his deceased mother. Justice encouraged Terran to yell, "I'm Clay Terran and I'm fine!". The duo became very good friends, since they both had equal determination to pursue their careers, Terran wished to be an astronaut and Justice, a lawyer. Justice occasionally visited GYAXA Space Station, where he met Solomon Starbuck, a fellow astronaut who Terran seen as a mentor.

[edit] Cosmic Turnabout

Terran's Mugshot in Cosmic Turnabout

Terran was carrying his fellow astronaut, Solomon Starbuck, when there were problems in the rocket launch they were in. After getting to a safe position, Terran rested since he could no longer carry his mentor. The next scene the player sees is Terran stabbed in the chest.

[edit] Turnabout For Tomorrow

In this turnabout, it is revealed that Terran's killer is nor Solomon Starbuck or Athena Cykes, but The Phantom.

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