Cammy Meele

Cammy Meele
Japanese nameShiraota Wakana
OccupationAir Stewardess
AgeAAI:ME: 24

Cammy Meele is an air stewardess and appears during the second case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Airlines. She is skilled in languages, including Borginian, and gives the impression that she is constantly tired and lazy, seeming to fall asleep on her feet. She is also a member of a worldwide smuggling ring, using her skills in languages and access to flight cargo to her advantage.

During the case Cammy, alongside her colleague, Rhoda Teneiro, are working aboard the iFly Airlines flight from Europe to America (or Japan, depending on which version of the game the player is playing). The flight made a brief stop over in the Republic of Zheng Fa in order to refuel and pick up extra cargo. During this stop over, Cammy assisted the smugglers in stealing a rare piece of large artwork which was aboard the plane and replacing it with a fake. One of the passengers, Akbey Hicks, was an Interpol Agent and wass escorted around the plane by Cammy as he investigates the cargo areas. Whilst Akbey was investigating, Cammy panicked as she thought he would discover the fake and her part in the smuggling, so she pushed Akbey over the side of the railings at the top of the stairs which lead down into the cargo hold. Akbey died as a result of the fall.

Cammy then made an attempt to clean up the blood and hide Akbey's body inside of one of the empty suitcases that Rhoda always purchases aboard these flights. She then took the suitcase with the body inside up into the planes lift with the intention of leaving the suitcase in the flight attendants room and framing Rhoda for the murder. However, during the ride in the lift, the plane hit a patch of turbulence which caused the suitcase to open inside of the lift. Cammy then decided to make the lift look like the murder scene instead, leaving the body there and taking the suitcase into the souvenir shop which was on the plane. She also took a piggy bank from the shop and put that inside of the lift to make it appear that this was the murder weapon. Cammy then put Akbey's travel documents in Edgeworth's pocket as he was passed out at the time closeby (He had passed out as a result of the turbulence and his extreme fear of earthquakes), further trying to shift the blame to someone other than her. Finally, she broke Akbey's phone, which he had been using to take evidence photographs and hid this inside of Rhoda's locker.

Soon after, Akbey's body was discovered and initially the blame was pointed at both Edgeworth and then Rhoda, just as Cammy had planned so. But after some investigation, Edgeworth was able to deduce that Cammy was responsible and she confessed under the pressure.

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