Buddy Faith

Buddy Faith
Profile (Buddy Faith).png
Japanese nameNakamado Shinji
AgeAAI:ME 29 (deceased)

Buddy Faith is a detective and the victim of the first case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Visitor. He works alongside prosecutor Jacques Portsman.

In the small hours of the morning Buddy goes to Portsman's office to drop off some evidence relating to the case they were assigned to the previous day only to find that he isn't there. Whilst he is in the hallway he hears some noise coming from Edgeworth's office which is next door and, knowing that Edgeworth is away on leave right now, decides to investigate. He goes inside and runs into Portsman who is in the process of trying to steal something from Edgeworth's office, the two struggle with each other before Portsman steals Buddy's police issue gun and shoots him, killing him.

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