Bruce Goodman

Bruce Goodman
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AgePW:AA: 36 (deceased)
Japanese NameTadashiki Michio

Bruce Goodman is the victim in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney;Rise from the Ashes and was head detective in the SL-9 incident that took place 2 years prior to his death. He was murdered by Damon Gant because he wanted to reopen the SL-9 case because he thought it wasn't resolved. Gant used the knife that was the murder weapon in the incident and killed him. He then got prosecutor Lana Skye to cover up the evidence which led to her arrest.

[edit] SL-9 Incident

Bruce was head detective in the SL-9 case, where he was supervisor of Angel Starr and Jake Marshall working alongside Gant, Lana and Neil Marshall, Jake's brother and the prosecutor assigned to the case. After months of work, they caught serial killer Joe Darke but he escaped during questioning, which led to him attacking Ema Skye and to making his final murder, Neil Marshall. Ema testified about Joe which got him convicted. Following the case Damon Gant and Lana Skye got promotions to chief of police and chief of prosecutor respectively, but some months later there were allegations of falsified evidence being used in the trial. Jake was demoted and Angel fired, but Goodman found himself retaining his job despite this.

[edit] After the Incident

Two years after SL-9, Jake Marshall pursued Bruce and asked him to help re-investigate the incident before the evidence transferral took place and the case locked away forever. Goodman said no, but Jake stole his ID card with the intention of getting the evidence himself. Later, Goodman needed to enter the evidence room to due the evidence transferral, but was unable to get into the room without his ID card. However, he asked Gant if he could accompany him so he could complete his job, when they were inside Bruce told Gant about his doubts over the case and he asked if they could re-open the case and hand the evidence to Jake Marshall, showing that he had changed his mind. Gant panicked and used the SL-9 murder weapon, Joe Darke's knife, to kill him. Gant, who had leverage over Lana, called her and told her to dispose of the body which he put in the boot of Edgeworth's car and tricked him into driving back to the Prosecution Office, unknowingly "delivering" the body to Lana. It was here that Lana was set up to take the fall as the murderer, this started off the case Rise from the Ashes.

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