Belle Windsor

Belle Windsor
Japanese nameKazama Suzune

Belle Windsor is a character appearing in the first manga chapter, Turnabout with the Wind, and is shown from the outset to be the chapters murderer. She is first introduced by Larry to Phoenix and Maya who ran into them both at the Gourd Lake wind chime festival. She is currently dating Larry and quickly becomes wrapped up in the murder case of Bright Bonds when Larry is accused of his murder.

Prior to the murder Belle was dating Bright and was his mistress as he was actually already married and had a family. Bright had wanted to break off their affair but Belle wasn't happy about this and continuously asked him to come back and told him she didn't care if he already had a family. Bright did end their relationship though which angered Belle, she couldn't stand the thought of Bright being happy whilst she was miserable so decided to kill him. Before she did this though, she started to date Larry in order to create herself an alibi as she knew that she would be the first suspect in the murder. She also rented out a room nearby and set it up to look like her own apartment.

On the evening of the murder, Belle called Bright on his phone whilst he was walking through the crowds at Gourd Lake lantern festival. Whilst he was on the phone to her she stabbed him in the back, telling him over the phone that it was her that killed him, so he would die knowing who his murderer was. She then fled to the apartment she had rented and set out like her real apartment which was much further away. She waited for her daily video call from Larry to create herself an alibi as the amount of time between Bright's stabbing and Larry's phonecall would not have been enough time for Belle to have returned home from the lake. However, she managed to create an inconsistency in that she had the window open whilst on the phone and, if she had been at her real apartment, a violent storm was passing through which should have been present on the video call. After her guilt was exposed she confessed to the murder.

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