AgePW:AA: 26
OccupationHead Bellboy

The Bellboy, real name unknown, is the head bellboy of the Gatewater Hotel and becomes involved in the murder case of Mia Fey during Turnabout Sisters. During the trial he is called as a witness to confirm April May's whereabouts on the evening of the murder, he also provides a vital clue for the defense, unintentionally as he was asked not to mention it by Edgeworth. He mentions that April stayed with a guest that evening, and after that tries to help the defense with the case. He seems to be an honest, hard-working man, and becomes a little excited about being involved in the murder case, thinking it will increase the hotels reputation.

He also appears briefly in Rise from the Ashes, bringing Edgeworth fresh tea to the Prosecution Office from the hotel.

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