Aura Blackquill

Aura Blackquill
Japanese nameKaguya Yuugami
OccupationRobot Engineer
AgePW:AA-DD: 37
RelationshipsMetis Cykes (Inspiration/Co-Worker)
Simon Blackquill (Brother)

Aura Blackquill who appears in the "Cosmic Turnabout" & "Turnabout For Tomorrow" cases of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. She is the older sister of Simon Blackquill and hates the legal system.

[edit] Cosmic Turnabout

Aura Blackquill's Mugshot in Cosmic Turnabout

In this turnabout, Aura Blackquill was the witness of the mysterious person, who is believed to be Clay Terran's killer.

[edit] Turnabout For Tomorrow

One day before Simon Blackquill's execution, Aura took 15 people, including Trucy Wright hostage and demanded a re-trial. After Phoenix Wright proved that Simon Blackquill was innocent, she released all of her hostages and thanked her brother as she was being arrested.

[edit] Personality

Aura is a generally rude and moody individual, notably to Phoenix Wright, since she developed a hatred for the legal system. She also developed a hatred for Athena Cykes, since she believed Athena was Metis Cykes' killer. Aura undergone a catecholamine imbalance after Simon Blackquill was arrested for the murder of Metis Cykes.

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