Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
PlatformNintendo DS
Japanese nameGyakuten Saiban 4
Release dates (DS)JPN 12th April 2007
US 19th February 2008
EU 9th May 2008
AUS 22nd May 2008
Age Ratings:CERO: A
PEGI: 12+


[edit] Release Information

This was the first game in the series to be created from the ground upwards for the Nintendo DS. As a result, the game makes a greater use of the touch screen and microphone capabilities of the hardware.

A limited special edition of the game was released in Japan where, along with the game, also included in the pack was an animation DVD, an Ace Attorney encyclopaedia (on a DS cartridge) and a set of headphones.

[edit] Story

This game is the 4th in the series, although chronologically it would be the 5th, and takes place roughly 7 years after the events of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, although some portions of the last case happen roughly 6 months after. Things have changed greatly since then and a new defense attorney, Apollo Justice, takes the role as the protagonist.

[edit] Important Characters Introduced

[edit] Cases

[edit] Turnabout Trump

This is Apollo's debut case as an attorney where he defends his mentors friend, and ex-attorney, Phoenix Wright who has been accused of murdering Shadi Smith, a customer at the restaurant Phoenix works at.

[edit] Turnabout Corner

In Apollo's second case he finds himself defending Wocky Kitaki, the son of a mafia-boss who is accused of murdering his doctor who performed a shoddy operation on him previously.

[edit] Turnabout Serenade

Apollo and Trucy go to see The Gavinners (Klavier's band) in concert, but ends up defending Machi Tobaye, the pianist at the concert, who is accused of murdering Interpol agent Romein LeTouse.

[edit] Turnabout Succession

Everything comes to a head as Apollo defends Vera Misham who has been accused of murdering her father, Drew Misham. As the case unfolds it leads back to a certain case in Phoenix's past from 7 years ago...

[edit] Music

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