Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice
Japanese nameOdoroki Housuke
AgeAJ:AA: 22
PW:AA-DD: 23
OccupationDefense Attorney
FamilyMother: Thalassa Gramarye
Grandfather: Magnifi Gramarye
Half-sister: Trucy Wright

Apollo is a defense attorney who first appears in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney from the outset. He takes over from Phoenix Wright as the lead protagonist in the series.


[edit] Background

Apollo became a defense attorney after studying under Kristoph Gavin, another defense attorney. He has a special skill for noticing the mannerisms of others that he soon becomes aware of as the game progresses. This, coupled with his bracelet that rattles when he begins to notice nervous behaviour, means he has a special ability to "perceive" that others are hiding the truth.

[edit] Friends & Family

For reasons unknown, Apollo was orphaned as child, and as such he doesn't remember his parents, although his father died a year after he was born. Unknown to him, his mother is Thalassa Gramarye, which makes Trucy his half-sister. Despite their shared parentage, neither Apollo or Trucy are aware of the fact that they are related, but Wright is.

Apollo soon becomes friends with Trucy and Wright after Turnabout Trump, spending alot of time with Trucy in particular who effectively becomes his assistant as she helps him on his cases during both the investigations and the trial stages.

[edit] Work

Apollo, after being injured at the start of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
As Apollo made his debut, he was working under Kristoph at the Gavin & Co. Law Offices. However, after Kristoph was incarcerated after being found guilty of murder, Apollo found himself being taken in by Wright and Trucy. Once Apollo had joined them, Wright renamed the Wright Talent Agency to the Wright Anything Agency.

During Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, Apollo is still working with the Wright Anything Agency, but is shown to be developing a difference of opinion in the way both he and Wright go about their work. During Turnabout Countdown, he is badly injured in an explosion which occurred in the courthouse whilst he was defending a case.

[edit] Cases

Apollo appears in the following cases:

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