Angel Starr

Angel Starr
AgePW:AA: 31
Japanese NameIchinotani Kyouka

Angel Starr is a lunchlady and witness who appears in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes.

Two years prior to this case Angel was working as a detective and was well-known for her skills in getting criminals to confess to their crimes, earning herself the nickname Cough-Up-Queen. She was assigned to work on the SL-9 case alongside fellow detectives Jake Marshall, Lana Skye, Damon Gant and Bruce Goodman where for 6 months they pursued serial murderer, Joe Darke. After Darke murdered his 6th victim, Neil Marshall, the prosecutor assigned to the case, there was finally some evidence left behind and Darke could be convicted.

Some time after the case was closed it became apparent that falsified evidence had been used and, as a result of the scandal it caused, Angel was fired and Jake was demoted to security guard. Angel developed a deep hatred for prosecutors after this, believing that the detectives involved had been set up to take the fall for their forgery. She then worked as a lunchlady, delivering boxed lunches to the various law departments, although this was really so that she could keep in contact with the many men she had apparently been close with over the years to garner information. She and Jake continued to investigate the case as they felt something was left unanswered.

On the day of Bruce Goodman's murder, Angel believed she had been a witness to the crime as she saw Lana Skye stab Goodman in the prosecution office underground parking lot and came forward as a witness. She even took a photo of the crime scene to further aid Lana's conviction, but in the end she realised that Lana was being manipulated by Gant.

Starr has tendencies to bring out her Lunchlady meals whilst being spoken to, much to the distress of Phoenix Wright.

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