Alita Tiala

Alita Tiala
Japanese nameNamina Minami
AgeAJ:AA: 21

Alita Tiala is the fiancée of Wocky Kitaki and appears during Turnabout Corner.

Six months before the case Alita was working as a nurse for Pal Meraktis at his clinic. The clinic was often used by the Kitaki mob-family for their patch-ups and one day they brought in their only son, Wocky Kitaki, after he was shot during a dispute with another rival family. But when Meraktis attempted to perform the operation, he realised that the bullet was lodged far too close to his heart and aorta. It was too difficult to remove, so Meraktis stitched him back and he, along with Alita, covered up the fact that the operation wasn't performed, pretending to the family that it had been a success. During that time Alita got close to Wocky and asked him to marry her, although her true intention, knowing that he wouldn't last another six months with that bullet in him, was to inherit the Kitaki fortune.

Time passed and six months later the Kitaki family discovered the bullet during a doctor check-up. Alita went back to Meraktis, having quit when she left with Wocky, to warn him and tell him to destroy the real post-op report that shows they didn't remove the bullet. But Meraktis didn't believe Alita and thought that she had been sent by the family, refusing to hand her the charts. Alita had come prepared and pulled a gun on him, threatening him to just do it, but he still refused, grabbing a lamp from his desk and trying to strangle Alita with the cord. She passed out as a result, although Meraktis thought he had really killed her.

When Alita came to she found herself in the back of a noodle stand which Meraktis was pulling. They were in the park and Meraktis was talking to Wocky, about to warn him that Alita was only after his money. Before Meraktis could reveal that truth, Alita shot Meraktis from inside the cart. When the scene was clear she made her escape and later hired Apollo to defend Wocky who was arrested for the murder. After seeing he belonged to an "Anything Agency", she hoped that he could actually get Wocky found guilty (due to thinking he lacked experience in the job). But as the trial unfolded, she was found guilty and arrested.

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