Akbey Hicks

Akbey Hicks
Profile (Akbey Hicks).png
Japanese nameAkbey Hicks
OccupationInterpol Agent
AgeAAI:ME: 28 (Deceased)

Akbey Hicks was an agent working for Interpol from Borginia and the victim in the second case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Airlines.

He was aboard a flight from Europe to America (or Japan, depending on which version of the game the player is playing) with the intention of capturing evidence aboard the flight and then meeting Franziska von Karma at his destination as the two were going to be working on a case regarding large scale smuggling. During the flight Akbey went to check on a rare art work, the Alif Red Statue, that was being transported in the cargo hold.

He went to the cargo hold, accompanied by Cammy Meele, one of the air hostesses, and began to take pictures inside the cargo hold with his phone as evidence. However, when he was taking his photos, Cammy pushed Akbey over the railings of the stairs that lead down into the cargo hold, killing Akbey as he landed on the boxes below. Cammy then hid Akbey's body inside of one of the empty suitcases and attempted to move the body upstairs, but, due to turbulence, the suitcase opened up in the lift. As Cammy didn't have time to clean up in the lift, she left him there and attempted to frame both Edgeworth and another air hostess, Rhoda Teneiro for the murder.

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