Thalassa Gramarye

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Thalassa Gramarye/Lamiroir
Japanese nameArumajiki Yuumi
AgeAJ:AA: 40
OccupationMagician, Singer
FamilyFather: Magnifi Gramarye
2nd Husband: Zak Gramarye
Son: Apollo Justice
Daughter: Trucy Wright

Thalassa Gramarye was a beautiful magician, who is the daughter of Magnifi Gramarye.


Thalassa was part of the Garmarye Troupe made up of herself, her husband, Zak Gramarye, and a third member, Valant Gramarye. The group were quite famous but during a practice run of one of their more dangerous stunts, Thalassa was accidentally shot and thought to have died, her father covered up the accident.

Everyone thought she was dead, but in fact, she just lost her memory and was blind. For reasons unknown she ended up in an obscure country in Europe called Borginia. She then turned into Lamiroir, "The siren of the ballad.", becoming a singer as part of a duo with Machi Tobaye, a pianist.

Before marrying Zak, she was married to an unknown magician who died on stage, it was with this man that she had Apollo. But for reasons unknown she gave him up for adoption.

During Turnabout Serenade, Thalassa, as Lamiroir, visited America to perform with Klavier Gavin's band. However, during the concert, her manager and bodyguard, Romein LeTouse, was murdered with Machi the prime-suspect. She proved to be a vital witness in getting Daryan Crescend guilty. She also appears later during the trial of Vera Misham on the jury, aiding Phoenix Wright with his new Jurist System.


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