Damon Gant

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Damon Gant
AgePW:AA: 65
Japanese NameGanto Kaiji
OccupationChief of Police

Damon Gant is the chief of police and appears during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. He has the appearance of a friendly, if slightly eccentric man and often refers to people by nickname such as Wrighto, Worthy and Udgey. In truth he is actually selfish, calculating and corrupt. He also enjoys swimming and is known for his unusually long pauses before speaking.

Two years prior to the start of the case Gant was working as a detective where he, alongside Lana Skye, were renowned for their ability. They were both assigned to the SL-9 case and teamed up with detectives Bruce Goodman, Jake Marshall and Angel Starr, and Neil Marshall, the prosecutor assigned to the case. The case dealt with the capture of Joe Darke, a serial killer who had eluded them for 6 months already due to a lack of evidence, but finally they were able to bring him in for questioning. Whilst being questioned by Gant and Neil, Darke was able to escape and fled into Gant and Lana's office where Lana's younger sister, Ema Skye, happened to be waiting. Neil gave chase and Gant shortly after, but when he arrived he found all three of them unconscious, seeing that Neil had been knocked over by Ema, leaving a strong handprint in his leather jacket. He got an idea and picked up Neil's unconscious body, impaling it onto a sword on display with a suit of armour. He then wrote Ema's name in blood on a vase in the office and smashed it, making it seem as if Ema was the one who murdered Neil.

Once Lana arrived at the scene she thought exactly what Gant had wanted her to think, that Ema was some how responsible for Neil's death. So Gant offered his help and the two of them rearranged the crime scene and falsified evidence so that it appeared as if it was actually Darke had been the one to murder Neil. The SL-9 incident was finally brought to a close after Neil's murder and Darke was executed, Gant was then promoted to chief of the police and he arranged for Lana to be promoted to chief prosecutor. In return for his silence on what Ema had supposedly done, he continued to blackmail Lana and have her manipulate trials on his orders. He kept a fragment of the jar and the handprint on the leather jacket in his safe as insurance.

Two years past and it was finally time for the evidence transferrals and SL-9 would be closed forever. Bruce Goodman, who had been the head detective in charge of the case, came to Gant that day as he had lost his ID card and couldn't access the evidence room so asked Gant to accompany him. Whilst they were in there Goodman asked Gant if he could re-open the case as he felt somethings were left unanswered so wanted to pass the evidence along to Jake Marshall. Gant panicked and stabbed Goodman to death with a knife that was kept in the evidence locker from SL-9, then hid the body in Edgeworth's car boot. He then phoned Lana and told her to dispose of the body, but she was seen with the body later by Angel Starr and arrested. Luckily for Gant, Lana "confessed" to the murder but was defended by Phoenix Wright who was insistent on her innocence. Over the course of the trial both he and Edgeworth were able to prove Lana's innocence and that Gant had been the one to murder both Goodman and Neil.

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