Zinc Lablanc II

Zinc LaBlanc II
Japanese nameZinc White II
OccupationArt Dealer
AgeAAI:ME: 62

Zinc LaBlanc II is an art dealer from Borginia and witness who appears in the second case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Airlines. He is impatient and obsessed with both time and money, as a result he can come across as rude and demanding.

He is aboard the same flight as Edgeworth and becomes a witness in the case after the body of Akbey Hicks is discovered. He claims to have seen the victim enter the lift inside the plane just before he was murdered, but he gets the time wrong as to when he saw him due to getting confused between the departure country time and the arrival country time.

Zinc's reason for flying was to transport a rare piece of art from Europe to America (or Japan, depending on which version of the game the player is playing). However, at the plane's stop over in Zheng Fa to exchange cargo and re-fuel, the statue is stolen as part of a smuggling operation and replaced with a poor quality fake. At first, Zinc doesn't believe that his version is a fake, until it is pointed out to him by Edgeworth.

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