Zak Gramarye

Zak Gramarye
Japanese nameArumajiki Zakku
AliasShadi Smith/Enigmar (Urafushi Kagerou)
AgeAJ:AA: 46 (deceased) (39 in flashback)
FamilyWife: Thalassa Gramarye
Daughter: Trucy Wright
Father-in-law: Magnifi Gramarye

Zak Gramarye belonged to a world famous group of magicians called "The Gramarye Troupe", which consisted of himself, his wife Thalassa Gramarye and his friend Valant Gramarye. Zak studied under Magnifi Gramarye as his student, who was also his father-in-law.

[edit] Background

Zak was a magician, until a certain case wherein he was accused of killing his mentor, Magnifi Gramarye. He initially hired Kristoph Gavin as his defense attorney but, after Kristoph couldn't beat him at poker, he fired him. He later hired Phoenix Wright as he was able to beat him at the game. But the case started to look bad and Zak, with the aid of his daughter, Trucy, "disappeared" from the courtroom and wasn't seen again for another 7 years.

After going into hiding following his escape from court, he reappeared under an alias to challenge Phoenix to a poker game 7 years later. However, he intended to frame Phoenix, who had made a bit of a name for himself in certain poker circles, as a cheater, even hiring Olga Orly as an accomplice. But the plan failed and Zak began arguing with Olga. As things got heated, Phoenix left to call the police, but during the time he was gone, Kristoph snuck into the room and killed Zak.

[edit] Family and Friends

He was married to Thalassa Gramarye, but was widowed when during a practice for one of the Troupe's more dangerous tricks, Thalassa was accidentally shot and killed. Neither Zak nor Valant were sure who had fired the shot that had killed her.

When Zak escaped from the courthouse at his trial, he effectively leaving his daughter orphaned as her mother had already died by this point.

Zak was also good friends with Spark Brushel, the journalist who was covering his case.

[edit] Cases

Zak Gramarye, also known as Shadi Smith, appeared in the following cases:

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