Yanni Yogi

Yanni Yogi
Japanese nameHaine Koutarou
AgePW:AA: 52
OccupationBoat Rental Shop Owner

Yanni Yogi is the owner of a boat rental shop who plays an important role in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Goodbyes.

When he first appears during the case, he appears to be senile, mistaking Phoenix and Maya for his son and daughter. He lives in the boat rental shop, which he seems to think is a pasta restaurant, with just a parrot named Polly for company. However, as a witness to the murder of Robert Hammond, he is brought into court where they later learn that he lost his memory several years ago and cannot recall even his own name. But as the trial progresses Phoenix believes he knows more than he is letting on, and that he is infact Yanni Yogi, a defendant in the DL-6 incident that is closely linked to the trial.

15 years prior to this, Yogi was working as a court baliff when he became trapped in an elevator with Gregory Edgeworth and his son Miles Edgeworth due to a blackout caused by an earthquake. They were trapped in the elevator for several hours and he and Gregory started to argue as the oxygen began to deplete. Whilst they were arguing Yogi's gun fell from its holster and, to stop them arguing, Miles threw it at them, causing it to fire. They all passed out shortly after due to the oxygen deprivation. By the time they regained consciousness and were rescued, Gregory had been shot through the heart and Yogi was arrested on suspicion of his murder.

During the investigation, a spirit medium was consulted and called on Gregory's ghost to name his murderer. Gregory thought that Yogi had shot him, so named him and it was this testimony that was to convict him in court. However, Hammond, who was Yogi's attorney, claimed that due to the oxygen deprivation that Yogi was brain damaged so couldn't be convicted due to being mentally unsound. Yogi was actually innocent of the crime, but Hammond didn't believe him.

Shortly after this, Yogi lost his job as he had to keep up the guise of being brain damaged, and his fiancée, Polly Jenkins, committed suicide. 15 years later Yogi received a parcel, which we would later learn was sent by Manfred von Karma, containing a gun and detailed instructions on how to get his revenge on both Hammond and Edgeworth. He went along with the instructions and sent a letter to both Hammond and Edgeworth, calling them to the lake. Hammond arrived first and was shot by Yogi, he took his coat and then met with Edgeworth, pretending to be Hammond, and went out on the lake in a boat with him. He shot the gun twice more into the water and then jumped off the boat and swum back to the shore. Yogi then put the coat back on Hammond and dumped his body in the lake to frame Edgeworth for the murder. As planned, Edgeworth was arrested for Hammond's murder, but Phoenix Wright managed to expose the truth that Yogi hadn't lost his memory so he confessed to his crimes.

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