Vera Misham

Vera Misham
Japanese nameEse Makoto
AgeAJ: AA: 19
FamilyFather: Drew Misham

Vera Misham is the defendant in the last case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, which is Turnabout Succession. She is accused of murdering her father, Drew Misham however she is cleared of charges as Apollo Justice successfully defends her case.

[edit] Early Life

When Vera was younger, she was almost kidnapped, which led to her being scared of the outside world, and rarely ever being happy. One day however she told her father she wanted to see the Troupe Gramarye preform, much to Drew's shock. In her spare time, Vera liked to copy her father's drawings. Drew discovered that she was very talented, and found out she could create a copy of drawing that was almost exactly the same. Drew asked Vera to copy various paintings for him, and he sold them on the black market. Vera didn't know that this was an illegal process.

One day, Kristoph Gavin contacted Drew to ask him to forge a piece of evidence for him. Kristoph spoke to Vera personally and asked her to fabricate a piece of Magnifi Gramarye's journal. As a gift of thanks, Kristoph gave her a bottle of nail polish, which he claimed was a good luck charm. He said if she told anybody about it, the charm would be useless.

More to come.

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