Turnabout Trump

Turnabout Trump
Start DateApril 20th 2026
End DateApril 20th 2026
VictimShadi Smith
ProsecutorWinston Payne
Defense AttorneyApollo Justice
Defense AssistantKristoph Gavin
Phoenix Wright
DefendantPhoenix Wright
GuiltyKristoph Gavin

This is the first case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


[edit] Case

The case opens out on two guys playing cards, they show their hands and one obviously loses. The next second something happens, and one of them ends up dead, hit over the head with a wine bottle.

[edit] Day 1 - Trial

Outside the courtroom in the Defendant's Lobby, Apollo and his mentor, Kristoph, are waiting to go in. As this is Apollo's very first trial, he's obviously nervous, especially as it's a homicide trial and the defendant is a good friend of Kristoph's. Apollo wonders why his client didn't just pick Kristoph as his attorney, given that they are friends, but Phoenix just answers "you'll see".

They head into the courtroom and Winston Payne is on the prosecution, he explains what happened. The crime occurred at the Borscht Bowl Club, the Russian style restaurant where Phoenix works as a pianist, the victim, Shadi Smith, was a customer at the restaurant. The victim was hit over the head with a glass bottle of grape juice, apparently Phoenix's favourite drink, and the bottle bares Phoenix's fingerprints.

[edit] Wright's Testimony

The defendant and victim were playing Poker prior to Smith's death, so the Judge asks Phoenix to tell them about the game. He tells that whilst he is technically a pianist, he can't play very well and really works as an "attraction". Customers can play poker against him as he is well-known for being particularly good at the game as he has never lost in 7 years of playing. There is also a special rule in that there are 2 decks of cards used so that it is more difficult for cheaters to slip in cards, one red deck and one blue. Phoenix also claims to not have touched the murder weapon, but his prints were found on it, and also they show that Phoenix was holding the bottle upside down. Payne suggests that this proves Phoenix's guilt, in that he would have been holding it that way as he struck the victim, but Kristoph reminds the court that it was Phoenix who informed the police of the murder moments after it happened. They take a look at the crime scene, the small room where Phoenix and Smith were playing poker is in a basement two floors below the ground level, after the murder, Phoenix had to move back to the first floor of the restaurant to get phone reception.

[edit] Orly's Testimony

Payne is sticking to his theory, and calls in a witness, Olga Orly, who also works at the restaurant and was there on the evening of the murder. She works as a waitress but also does a few other services such as taking photos of the customers. At the time of the murder, Olga was in the poker room, or The Hydeout as the call it, where her job was to deal the cards. She explains how the room was cold that night so they both were wearing hats, and noticed that Smith was fiddling with a locket around his neck, then as the last hand was laid "that man" lunged at Smith and strangled him. They also submit a photo showing the final hands of the game. Of course, the issue here is that Smith died from a blow to the head, but Olga is adamant she saw Phoenix strangle Smith, adding that afterwards he hit him with the bottle.

This doesn't seem to make alot of sense, but for the moment they decide to move onto the outcome of the game as this may very well establish a motive. Olga testifies at the end of the game Smith was winning, so Phoenix played all his chips in the last hand but lost. Also, she explains about the chips, there are two types, one type worth 100 points, and the other worth 1000 points. Baring this information in mind and the fact that each man started with 3500 points each, it becomes clear that Olga is lieing, it was not Smith who was winning the game, but Phoenix, due to the number of chips on the table.

As they begin to doubt Olga's reliability as a witness she claims that in the last hand of the game someone cheated as both players had "Full House", and then they argued which turned into the fight. She claims that in Smith's final hand he had 2 Kings and 3 Aces, whilst Phoenix had 3 sevens and 2 Aces, although it's clear from looking at the final hand photograph that this is blatant lie, both hands contained 2 Aces. They decide to take a closer look at the cards, and they notice that in Smith's final hand, one card is from the blue deck, whilst the others are from the red deck. It's then that Olga blurts out that she put that card in Phoenix's hand, not Smith's, which causes Kristoph to deduce that the real cheat in the game was the dealer, Olga. Due to her consistent lieing, Apollo accuses Olga of being the real murderer, causing her to faint.

The Judge is about to call the trial over for the day when Phoenix objects, saying they should clear up things about the cards first. He says that in the last game they were using the red deck, and questions Apollo as to when could the blue card have gotten mixed in with the red cards, before, during or after the murder? It must be after, it would be impossible to mix it before or during the murder, but who could of done it? It couldn't have been Phoenix as he was phoning the police upstairs, and Olga knew which deck was in play so she wouldn't have made the mistake, meaning it must have been someone else entirely, an unknown fourth person.

In light of this they decide to take a recess, Kristoph was summoned to the Judge's chambers so he leaves Apollo and Wright to it. Apollo takes the moment to ask about the locket that went missing, so Phoenix opens it to show the photo inside of his daughter. He also asks Phoenix about the cheating, but Phoenix opts to leave that to him to decide, saying that Poker is the only game you can be dealt bad hands all evening, but still win at providing you can read your opponents body language. He also says Apollo could apply that knowledge in court, for instance, Olga had this habit of rubbing the back of her neck when she was remembering something during her testimony.

Court reconvenes and they call Olga back to the stand, however she is now showing her true self, her earlier guise was just a front. She claims that she is a professional dealer and that Smith hired her to deal for that game, she was planted in the restaurant days prior as a waitress. Smith was a well-known poker player in some circles so the two planned to set up a trap to defeat Phoenix at the game. Olga was to plant a card in Wright's pocket prior to the game, then deal five aces during one of the hands, Smith would then accuse Wright of cheating, then search him and find the planted card so he would be exposed as a fraud. However, when it came to searching him, the planted card was gone, then, so Olga claims, Wright took the bottle and hit Smith. She also claims the card she planted was the Five of Hearts, and is still missing. Apollo asks her about her actually seeing Wright hit Smith, but he senses that something's off, he spots her nervous habit of touching the back of her neck that Phoenix mentioned during the recess.

Apollo asks Olga to testify in detail about the very moment of the crime, so she tells how she didn't let Phoenix out of her sight in The Hydeout until the police arrived, but we know this isn't true as Phoenix went up to the first floor to call the police. In light of the obvious lieing, Olga admits that the person who swung the bottle that night wasn't Phoenix, it was infact Smith, and he used it to hit her instead. She was briefly knocked unconscious and when she came to, Smith was already dead. The Judge and Prosecution wonder what to do in light of this and ask Kristoph's opinion. He seems to think that Olga is still the guilty party as she is the only one with a motive, although, Phoenix doesn't buy it and brings up the possibility of another person again. He mentions the cards and how Olga would have known which deck was in play so wouldn't have made the mistake and that someone, in the very courtroom no less, thought the cards in play were blue, not red; Kristoph Gavin. Phoenix remembered from right at the beginning of the case, before the photos of the card decks were shown, that Kristoph mentioned the card decks being blue and accuses him of being the fourth person that night.

[edit] Wright's Second Testimony

Against Kristoph's wishes, Apollo asks for Phoenix to testify. He says how that evening he and Kristoph had dinner, then five minutes after Kristoph had left, Smith came into the restaurant. After the card trap failed, Smith hit Olga like she said and fell unconscious. As Smith had lost it, Phoenix went upstairs to call the police and when he returned, Smith was dead. After this, Phoenix made another call, this time to Kristoph as he thought he would be in need of a lawyer. He also says how he found the Five of Hearts in his pocket and threw it away in an empty bottle before the game. But he claims it was in the murder weapon, however it's clear from looking at the bottle that there is no card inside. He also mentions that he put Smith's hat back on his head, and that, despite Kristoph's accusations, his testimony is entirely truthful. Phoenix pulls out his mobile phone, and says that he recorded his conversation with Kristoph "just incase". During the conversation, Kristoph made the mistake of referring to Smith's balding head which he shouldn't have seen as Smith was wearing a hat, this was Phoenix's reason for putting the hat back on Smith's head.

In light of all this, the Judge asks Kristoph to testify after a brief recess. Whilst Apollo is alone in the defendants lobby as Kristoph and Phoenix are both in the Judge's chamber, a girl approaches Apollo and asks him to pick a card. He picks one, and it's an Ace, the missing 5th Ace, with a blood spot on it.

[edit] Gavin's Testimony

Court reconvenes and Kristoph is called to give his testimony about how he knew that Smith was balding. Phoenix joins Apollo's side on the defense's bench and reminds him that Smith never took off his hat whilst he was at the club, so the only way Kristoph could have possibly known was if he was there at the time of Smith's murder. He begins his testimony, saying that when he passed Smith as he left the restaurant, he sensed a "rage" in him which troubled him, so he went back to the club and peered in through the window to the Hydeout. What he saw was the victim, dead, and that is how he saw the bald head, as well as Olga unconscious and Phoenix holding the bottle. But Apollo doesn't believe that there could only have been those three there, but Kristoph argues against it, why would a fourth person remove one of the cards? So, Apollo presents the card with the blood drop on it that he received earlier, which Phoenix says he found at the club after the murder and gave it to his daughter. Phoenix goes on to explain, why would the killer take the card? After being hit on the head, the blood would have trickled down the back of Smith's head and onto the card, but the cards were on the table, not the floor behind him, causing Apollo to realise that Smith was facing away from the table in his chair. Phoenix also adds that when he got back after making his first phonecall, Smith was facing the table like in the photo. Although, this new position creates the problem that the killer couldn't have come the other side of the table as Smith was struck from the front, and also that there is a cabinet right where the killer would have to stand. Apollo then deduces that this must mean that the cabinet had been moved, and they request that the cabinet be examined, and also Phoenix gives the Judge a memo with some additional instructions for the crime team.

Whilst they wait for the teams results, they press on. Assuming that the cabinet had been moved, this creates the issue that the only place it could be moved to would block the window which Kristoph said he looked through in his earlier testimony. Before they can get much further with that line of questioning, the Baliff comes into the court to tell the results of the crime teams investigation, there was a secret passage behind where the cabinet was which leads back up to the restaurant. This now means that the only place Kristoph could have seen that Smith was bald, would have been from where the killer was standing.

The Judge clears Phoenix of all suspicion in Smith's murder and issues a warrant for Kristoph's arrest. Kristoph naturally objects and points out Phoenix's prints present on the murder weapon, and present in such a way that it could be held to hit someone. So Apollo suggests that there is another reason to hold a bottle in a such a way, if it was being picked up from off the floor, just like in the photo showing them stored on the floor. He goes on to suggest that Kristoph remembered Phoenix had been drinking from those bottles, so switched the murder weapon with one of the bottles Phoenix had used. It's then that Phoenix asks about his special request of earlier, to retrieve the bottles from under his piano, and one of the bottles has a card inside, the missing Five of Hearts. Kristoph's reaction makes his guilt clear, wondering whether Wright did all this out of revenge for what happened seven years ago. Phoenix just says he did it to point justice in the right direction and Kristoph is taken away where he admits everything. Phoenix is now finally announced not guilty.

Out in the lobby Phoenix thanks Apollo for his help and wonders whether he noticed his "ability". Apollo doesn't really understand it, but remembers earlier how he saw Phoenix's daughter earlier, and begins to wonder why Smith would have a locket with Phoenix's daughters photo inside. Just as they're talking, Apollo realises that he is now out of a job, given that he was working for Kristoph, so Phoenix suggests that he works for him instead. Apollo accepts but remembers that Phoenix isn't an attorney anymore after an incident seven years ago during a trial. Phoenix also admits that there was a piece of forged evidence during the trial, the playing card with the blood spot on it, saying that it shouldn't have existed as Kristoph took the real card that he switched with him. In his frustration, Apollo punches Phoenix, although despite it, Phoenix gives him the address of his office, and thanks him again for today.

[edit] Court Record

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