Turnabout Sisters

Turnabout Sisters
Start DateSeptember 5th 2016
End DateSeptember 9th 2016
VictimMia Fey
ProsecutorMiles Edgeworth
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
DefendantMaya Fey
Phoenix Wright
Defense AssistantMaya Fey
Mia Fey (channelled by Maya)
GuiltyRedd White

This is the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


[edit] Case

The case opens up with a phone conversation between Mia and her sister, Maya. They chat and then Mia asks Maya to hold onto some evidence for her for safe-keeping, a clock. However, the real evidence is inside the clock, Mia removed the clockwork inside and put some papers in there instead. Mia asks Maya to come over at 9pm to pick it up and they say their goodbyes.

Later that evening, someone comes to Mia's office, demanding the "papers", but Mia explains she doesn't have them, however the person seems to know where they are hidden. He takes the statue and smashes Mia over the head with it. Shortly after, Phoenix arrives back at the office as he and Mia agreed to go and eat with her sister. He finds the place empty and smelling of blood, a complete mess and Mia's body slumped against the wall. Also he finds who he soon learns is Mia's younger sister, Maya, by the body. After looking around, and helping Maya, who had just fainted from the shock, to the sofa, Phoenix calls the police, noticing the phone looks like it was in the process of being taken apart. Just as Phoenix is about to make the call a scream from outside alerts him, a woman from across the street in the opposite building had obviously seen what was going on and called the police.

Phoenix heads out of the office and finds Maya has woken up, but then the police arrive, Detective Gumshoe among them. He looks around the scene, quickly finding a note beside Mia's body with just the word "Maya" written in blood and puts two and two together, and Maya finds herself arrested under suspicion of Mia's death. The next morning, Phoenix finally gets out of questioning and goes to see Maya in the detention centre. They talk about what happened and Phoenix says he would act as Maya's defense, however, despite Mia telling Maya that Phoenix was good, he needed more experience. So she asks Phoenix to ask another lawyer whom Mia had told her to go to if she was ever in trouble, Marvin Grossberg.

[edit] Day 1 - (Unofficial) Investigation

Phoenix heads down to the Grossberg Law Offices but no one seems to be in so Phoenix heads back to the Fey Office where police are examining the crime scene. Gumshoe mistakenly thinks that Phoenix is Maya's lawyer so lets him look around. They talk about the crime and Gumshoe warns him that he doesn't stand a chance to win in this trial as the prosecutor for the case is Miles Edgeworth. He also manages to retrieve Maya's phone, and gets the name of a witness, the woman who called the police that night.

After hearing that the witness, April May, would be confined to her room in the Gatewater Hotel, Phoenix goes over to see what she knows, however she is keeping a tight lid on everything. So Phoenix heads back to the Grossberg Law Offices and finally catches up with Grossberg, however, before Phoenix can ask him to represent Maya, Grossberg flat out refuses to take on her case and asks him to leave. After reporting this to Maya, Phoenix says again that he will defend her and takes on her case. Also whilst they are talking, Maya mentions that 15 years ago her mother disappeared after being secretly involved in a police case, but fled after she was exposed as a fraud by someone called "White".

Now that Phoenix has officially taken on Maya's case he heads back to the Gatewater Hotel, finding only the Bellboy in April's room whilst she is in the bathroom. He takes the moment to take a look around and manages to find a wiretap in one of the drawers of the hotel room, then leaves before he is discovered.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

Court begins the next day and Edgeworth gives his opening statement, saying he has evidence that Maya was the murderer, and also a witness to corroborate the accusation, then calls in Gumshoe to explain the scene in more depth. He explains what we already know then begins his testimony as to the reasons Maya was arrested, as it turns out, the witness claimed she saw Maya at the very moment of the murder. Also, a note found at the scene written in Mia's blood was found with the word "Maya" on it, Gumshoe took that as a confirmation of the killers identity. However, it would be impossible for Mia to have written the note has her death was instantaneous, but Edgeworth provides an updated autopsy report that reveals it was indeed possibly for Mia to have lived for a few minutes after being hit.

[edit] April's Testimony

They decide to call the witness, April May, to the stand who explains that on the night she saw Maya, but she only noticed her physique, and didn't mention the most obvious identifying feature about Maya - her clothing. But April writes it off as an oversight on her testimony and revises it, although this time she reveals a little too much information, such as the murder weapon being a clock; there was no way for her to know that by just looking at it. April says she knew it was a clock because she heard it ring, but this is impossible as Mia earlier removed the clockwork. But April tries to say she's seen it in a store before, that's how she knew it was a clock, which is of course impossible as the statue was made by Larry Butz.

April starts to lose it at this point and the Judge asks for Phoenix's opinion on the matter. He muses that April, whilst she could never have held the clock, must have known about it because she heard that it was a clock via the wiretap found in her hotel room. Whilst she was tapping Mia's phone, she has an alibi that proves she wasn't at the scene at the time of the murder, she had ordered room service at that time. Phoenix asks to have the Bellboy called as a witness, which Edgeworth consents to providing that if nothing incriminating concerning April is found, he'll drop it and Maya will be given her guilty verdict. Phoenix agrees and they call the Bellboy to the stand.

[edit] Bellboy's Testimony

The bellboy is brought to the stand but his testimony seems solid, until he says something interesting; that April ordered iced coffee for two. The Bellboy lets slip that Edgeworth had asked him to not mention the second guest in the room, and when questioned further, he says that the other man was not present in the room when he went to deliver room service at 9pm. In light of this court is adjourned until the defense and prosecution have looked into the matter.

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

Phoenix first goes to talk to May who has been arrested and put in the detention centre, but she isn't talking so he moves on to Grossberg's Office, but he isn't there either. However, a huge painting that he had on the wall on his earlier visit is missing, and some photos of evidence from an old case, DL-6, are out. Phoenix pockets one of the photos and heads back to the Gatewater Hotel and shows the photo he found to the Bellboy who confirms the man in the photo is the man who checked in with April.

With this new information, Phoenix heads back to find out if he can get any more information out of April. After showing her the photo, and the Bellboy's affidavit confirming the man's description she's ready to talk. The man is Redd White, the president of an information gathering conglomerate called Bluecorp, and her boss, but she doesn't want to say anymore than that out of fear of what will happen to her.

Phoenix heads down to Bluecorp and runs straight into White, however he acts arrogantly and doesn't seem to think anything Phoenix will get him in court. Interesting, on the wall of White's office is the same painting that used to be hanging in Grossberg's, as White refuses to talk about it, Phoenix inquires with Grossberg.

After some pressing Grossberg finally tells what's up, White makes his living through intimidation and blackmail, and he has been blackmailed by White for the past 15 years, and this is also why Grossberg couldn't accept Maya's request to defend her. The reason for the blackmail is linked ot the DL-6 incident, where a spirit medium was secretly being used to help solve the case. However, Grossberg was tempted by riches and told White about it, something he feels very ashamed of now. He also goes on to warn that due to White's power, he will be pretty much impossible to get into court. As some parting advice, Grossberg tells Phoenix to take a look at Mia's office as she had been pursuing him for years, so she may have something of use.

After looking around the office, Phoenix finds that the entire "W" section of Mia's files is missing, and also manages to find some articles on suicides that Mia has marked with "White". He takes one of the articles and goes to see White again, who this time decides he will testify, thinking that nothing bad will come to him either way and with the intention of turning the trial around to have Phoenix being accused. He calls the police and is Phoenix arrested, which in turn frees Maya, now Phoenix has to just save himself and stop White.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

The trial is about to start and outside in the lobby Edgeworth meets Phoenix, telling him he has little hope of not getting charged as guilty in this trial, not with White's influence and his own policy of always getting a guilty verdict. Court begins and they head inside, Phoenix refused an attorney as he decided to defend himself. After a very brief opening statement they call White to the stand.

[edit] White's Testimony

White gives his testimony on what he saw that night, but there is one piece of testimony that conflicts with April's from earlier, White states that Mia ran to the left, whilst April says the right, not only that, but if Mia had been running left, she would have ran away from the door and into a deadend. But, White does appear to be telling the truth on this one, so Phoenix thinks there can only be one explanation, the two of them saw the crime from different angles. April saw the crime from the hotel, but White must have been inside the Fey & Co Law Offices to have seen Mia run in that direction. White however has a different explanation, after being caught by the murderer Mia ran to the left and was hit, then ran to the right to try and escape and was hit again, but the autopsy report clearly confirms Mia was only hit once. Because of the contradiction, White is forced to revise his testimony again.

This time, White says that Mia ran to the left, but dodged the hit, then ran right to escape, and was then struck. However, he slips up right away by mentioning the glass light stand that was knocked over, which isn't actually visible from the hotel room. Just as White is about to break down, Edgeworth intervenes and says that White was the one who placed the wiretap in Mia's office, so that is how he would know about the lamp stand. In light of this, the Judge asks White to testify about the wiretap. But this new testimony has nothing Phoenix can work with, just as Phoenix admits his defeat, he hears Mia's voice, and sees her standing beside him, the shock making him faint.

They call a brief recess, and out in the lobby Phoenix sees that the reason he saw Mia is because Maya is channelling her spirit. Mia tells Phoenix not to give up and take a closer look at some evidence he's had all this time, the receipt. The receipt is for the glass light stand, and the purchase date was the day before Mia's murder, which contradicts White's earlier lie about placing the wiretap a week prior to the murder.

As court reconvenes, Phoenix uses his new lead to catch White, but Edgeworth manages to twist another day out of the trial to look into this new evidence. Just as court is about to close, Mia gives Phoenix a note and asks him to read it out aloud. Part of the way through reading out the note, which contains a list of names, White begs him to stop, which Mia says will only happen if he admits his guilt, otherwise the list will be sent to the media. So finally, White confesses to killing Mia.

With the trial over, Mia congratulates Phoenix then says her goodbyes, but not before asking Phoenix to go to the office tonight at 9pm. So Phoenix goes at 9pm and finds Maya there saying that Mia told her to look after him and the offices, the new Wright & Co. Law Offices.

[edit] Court Record

[edit] Profiles

[edit] Evidence

[edit] Locations

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