Turnabout Memories

Turnabout Memories
Start DateApril 11th 2013
End DateApril 11th 2013
VictimDoug Swallow
ProsecutorWinston Payne
Defense AttorneyMia Fey
Defense AssistantMarvin Grossberg
DefendantPhoenix Wright
GuiltyDahlia Hawthorne

This case is the first case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and also the first case where you don't play as Phoenix Wright, this time, Mia Fey is the defense attorney. Additionally, this case is a flashback.


[edit] Case

The case opens with two men arguing, one is warning the other, a young Phoenix Wright, about "that girl" and how he shouldn't see her anymore. Phoenix tells him that it's none of his business but the other man persists, saying there's something he needed to know about her. The next thing we see is the man lieing on the ground, and Phoenix wondering how he got into this mess. This case takes place 5 years before the timeline of the game, and is Mia's second case.

[edit] Day 1 - Trial

The case opens out on the courtroom, and Mia is waiting in the lobby, obviously quite nervous as she hasn't taken any cases since the events of Turnabout Beginnings, having been too traumatised by what happened to go back to court. Grossberg is there to help out, surprised that Mia so suddenly demanded to take on the case yesterday. Phoenix is there too, apparently with a cold, but he tries to remain optimistic and promises to do his best.

Court begins and Winston Payne is on the prosecution, he goes over the case. The murder occurred at the Ivy University and the victim was a student, Doug Swallow. Students at the university found his body, along with Phoenix Wright, at the scene and then called the police. He then goes on to explain that there was an issue between Doug and Phoenix regarding another student named Dahlia Hawthorne who is dating Phoenix, but was previously dating Doug. Payne then calls Phoenix to the stand.

[edit] Phoenix's Testimony

Phoenix is called to the stand and asked about his relationship with Doug, he explains that he didn't even knew him and hardly even spoke to him until that day. But he slips up a little, stating that he was a "stuck-up British wannabe", so clearly he did at least know him a bit. Payne then begins to inquire about Phoenix's cold, asking if he has taken any medicine for it, like a brand called Coldkiller X. He says that he has, but he lost his medicine somewhere, it's then that Payne presents another crime photo, this time of the victim's hand grasping a bottle of the aforementioned medicine. Of course, the bottle had been checked and Phoenix's fingerprints were all over the bottle so it has to be his.

As Phoenix was clearly at the scene he explains what really happened. As it turns out, the reason Phoenix met Doug was because Doug asked him to, they agreed to meet behind the Pharmacology building on the campus at 2:45PM. They met and talked, then at about 3PM they were done and split up, when he came back later he found Doug's body. He also says that it was around lunchtime that he lost his cold medicine.

Whilst the Judge or the Prosecution don't really believe Phoenix's testimony, they decide to cover what exactly was the cause of death in detail. Mia ventures to explain it by using the crime photo and what they already know about the Pharmacology department at the university. Shown clearly in the photo are some live electricity cables that are severed and hanging free, the building has equipment that requires a high-voltage, so this must have been what caused Doug's death. Payne then says whilst that is true, the only person who had the opportunity to kill Doug in this way was Phoenix, and they even have a proof, Phoenix's fingerprints were found on Doug's jacket. Payne suggests that this proves that Phoenix pushed Doug into the electrical cable.

At this point, the Judge is convinced of Phoenix's guilt and about to hand down a verdict, Mia manages to reassure Phoenix that she'll believe whatever he has to say, so he is finally ready to tell what really happened. He explains that he did push the victim as he was saying bad things about Dahlia, but he said at the time there were no loose electrical cables. He also goes on to say that he remembers hearing a cracking noise, and that it must have been the snapping of Doug's umbrella as he remembered that he landed on it after he shoved him. But looking at the crime photo, Doug's body is quite far from the umbrella, meaning he must have moved, so after Doug was pushed, he was still alive. Payne then reveals that he has a witness, Dahlia Hawthorne, who witnessed the entire thing.

[edit] Dahlia's Testimony

The Judge orders a recess, and after they will hear Dahlia's testimony. Out in the lobby, Phoenix apologises for messing up, but he seems much more relaxed now, after all, his girlfriend and "love of his life" is going to be testifying. Mia asks about her and Phoenix is more than happy to tell about Dahlia. They both met in the courthouse eight months ago, Phoenix reveals that besides from studying art at the university, he's also studying to be a lawyer, so that's why he was in the courthouse. They met each other in the reading room and there Dahlia gave Phoenix a necklace as "a symbol of their love", although, Phoenix also says that Dahlia is always asking for the necklace back. Mia then asks if the day the two met happened to be August 27th, as that was the day a certain defense attorney was poisoned in the court house. Grossberg then realises why Mia insisted on taking on the case and heads to the reading room to see if he can find anything that can help in the case.

Recess is over, and Dahlia is called to the stand to testify about what she saw. She claims that she went to meet Phoenix and saw him and Doug talking, then Doug just collapsed, but the prosecution doesn't buy it, and neither does Mia, even she protests. So she corrects her testimony, but this time she says she didn't see them fighting or making any noise, which of course contradicts Phoenix's testimony earlier. However, she manages to explain it away by saying she was wearing headphones at the time due to the thunder and lightning, claiming she is afraid of it. This brings up a point that Mia raises, was it possible that Doug wasn't murdered, but infact struck by lightning? However, Payne is quick to quash this, there were no lightning strikes that day, and a report from the Pharmacology department shows the machines lost power at 3PM. Piecing everything together, Mia says that the loud crack couldn't have been the umbrella, but the lab loosing power as a result of him shoving Doug into the electrical pole and disrupting the lines. The broken lines were far from the pole, so Mia says that Phoenix couldn't have killed Doug, so Dahlia retells her testimony. This time, she claims that after being pushed, Doug tried to get away, but Phoenix pushed him again into the cables just a moment later. But this doesn't tie with the time of death on the wristwatch, which stopped due to the electrocution at 3:05PM, and the time of the reported outage, 2:55PM. Mia proposes that during this 10 minute gap must have been when the real murderer killed Doug, accusing Dahlia Hawthorne. Phoenix tries to intervene on her behalf, not thinking Dahlia could ever do anything like that, but is removed from the courtroom.

A few moments later and Grossberg arrives with the report of the incident on August 27th. Mia resumes with her accusation, also adding that she believes Dahlia not only killed Doug, but tried to pin the murder on Phoenix, and demands testimony as to the day Dahlia met Phoenix. She states that they met in the courthouse reading room, she was there to research a paper, but Mia then brings up the case 8 months ago where Diego Armando was poisoned and Dahlia was named as a suspect. So Dahlia then explains about the event, she says that she did meet with Diego, but only left her seat for a moment and he was poisoned, she also explains that it was a special kind of poison supposedly, so where would she be able to get it? Obviously the answer is through her then boyfriend, Doug, as he had access to alot of chemistry equipment and chemicals that could be used to make the poison. Dahlia challenges this though, how would she have stored the poison? After all, she was immediately searched and nothing was found. The answer is of course the necklace that she handed off to Phoenix that day, but Phoenix objects, he can't believe such a thing as he's in love with Dahlia. But Mia talks some sense into him, the only reason Dahlia was dating him was so that she could try and get the necklace back, but Phoenix is distraught at hearing this and runs off, eating the bottle on the necklace (for some reason).

He's dragged back to court, and the Judge is about to hand down his verdict when Phoenix remembers something he forgot to mention earlier about when he met with Doug that day. Doug told him that last night, someone stole poison from the lab, and the same thing happened 8 months ago aswell, saying both times Dahlia visited the lab. He also remembered that when he got worried and went back to check on Doug, Dahlia was already there, but Dahlia asked him to never tell anyone she was there. Mia puts all the pieces of information together and realises that Dahlia must have intended to kill Phoenix with the poison in order to get back her necklace.

At this point, Dahlia seems to have had enough and shows her true colours, insulting Phoenix and the Judge. Mia is faced with a difficult decision, if she keeps pushing like this with no evidence, she could be disbarred, but she decides to continue, rather than let Dahlia get away with murder. She presents Phoenix's cold medicine and reminds the court that he lost the bottle on the day of the accident. After seeing, and hearing, what Phoenix and Doug were talking about she approached Doug after Phoenix had left and killed Doug to keep him quiet. But, as Phoenix and other students came back and she was still there, she got rid of the poison by having Doug hold it. To prove her innocence, Mia asks Dahlia to take some of the cold medicine, naturally Dahlia refuses, proving that it is indeed poisoned. She gives in, warning Mia that she has only won "for the time being" and is arrested.

Payne objects to what has happened, even though Dahlia has accepted her guilt, but soon quietens down when Mia asks him to try the medicine. Naturally Payne doesn't have enough trust in the witness, the shock causing him to lose alot of his hair. Phoenix is finally found not guilty.

Outside in the lobby Grossberg congratulates Mia, but Phoenix, whilst grateful, still wonders if that was really Dahlia up there. He then goes on to say that whilst he is studying in the Art Department, he really wants to become a lawyer, as there's a friend he desperately wants to help.

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