The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Japanese nameThe Art of GyakutenSaiban
Release datesJPN September 2007
US October 30th 2009
PublisherJPN Capcom
US Udon Entertainment
ISBNJPN 9784862331533
US 9781897376195

The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is an artbook featuring character art of all the main and supporting characters from the first 4 games with accompanying artist notes. The original Japanese publication is infact split into 2 books in one package, the larger containing all the characters in the first 3 Phoenix Wright games, and the smaller containing the characters of the first Apollo Justice game.

The book was later published in English, complete with translated artists notes, the only difference being that instead of being split into 2 books like the Japanese release, it was contained in one.

[edit] Cover Scans

[edit] Japanese

[edit] English

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