Terry Fawles

Terry Fawles
Japanese nameOnamida Michiru
AgePW:T&T: 25 in flashback (deceased)

Terry Fawles is the defendant in the 4th case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; Turnabout Beginnings where he is accused of murdering police sergeant Valerie Hawthorne. However, his history goes back to 5 years before this.

Five years before Valerie's murder, he was seduced by her younger sister, Dahlia Hawthorne, who came up with an idea that would make them rich. She convinced Terry to "kidnap" her and then demand a 2 million dollar diamond as a ransom, Dahlia and Valerie's father owned a jewellery business so that's how they knew about the diamond. Valerie was also in on the deal and was the one to make the exchange, then the three of them were going to split the diamond three ways. The time to make the exchange came, but after Valerie handed over the diamond she shot Terry in the arm and Dahlia fell into the river 40 feet below where they were. Terry blacked out after this and was arrested by the police, and would later be convicted of kidnapping, extortion and murder and put on death row after Valerie testified that Terry had murdered Dahlia.

Five years passed and Terry managed to escape from prison. He contacted Valerie and asked to meet, all he wanted to do was find out why she had betrayed him five years ago. He reached the meeting spot, but just prior to the meeting he dug up a precious item he and Dahlia had buried, a small vial in a necklace, Dahlia had said if ever they couldn't trust each other he was to drink from the bottle. He then went back to the bridge and met with Valerie, but he got no answers so he left. He went back to the car he had jacked earlier but was arrested moments later. In the boot of his car was Valerie's body and he was held on suspicion of her murder.

Two days later Terry's trial was due to start, and the defense attorney who took on his case was Mia Fey. This was her very first case but she believed in his innocence so did her best to defend him, along with the help of fellow attorney, Diego Armando. As the trial went on, it came to light that Dahlia hadn't died 5 years ago and had survived, in fact, she had planned to jump from the beginning and keep the diamond for herself. What's more is that she also was the one who murdered Valerie, having got to her before Terry met her. She disguised herself as her sister and was the one who met with Terry on the bridge, she had already by that point hidden Valerie's body in Terry's stolen car and planned to pin the murder on him. Terry was distraught at the betrayal and drank the poison that was in the vial he had dug up earlier and died at the stand moments later.

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