Shelly de Killer

Shelly de Killer

Shelly de Killer, as seen during Gyakuten Kenji 2
Japanese nameKoroshiya Sazaemon
AliasJohn Doe (English Pseudonym)
Tanaka Tarou (Japanese Pseudonym)

Shelly de Killer is a hired assassin who first appears in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Farewell, My Turnabout. His true name is unknown, as Shelly de Killer is a name passed down from a long line of assassins. He puts alot of emphasis into building trust between his clients and himself, and always leaves his card by his victims so that he will be tied to the murder, not his clients.

[edit] Farewell, My Turnabout

Shelly de Killer during Farewell, My Turnabout
About a week before the case, Shelly was contacted by Matt Engarde about a contract to kill Juan Corrida. As well as this, Matt also asked for Shelly to retrieve a bear statue that would be inside Juan's hotel room, the place he asked for the murder to take place. Shelly agreed and carried out the murder and retrieved the bear like Matt asked, he was also asked to keep hold of a video tape for Matt, which he agreed to. However, Matt was arrested shortly after the murder was committed, so Shelly kidnapped Maya in order to blackmail Phoenix into taking on Matt as his client and getting the innocent verdict for him.

But the trial dragged on, and soon enough, Shelly was asked to testify about his client (via a radio communicator). At first he tried to lead the court to believe his client was infact Adrian Andrews, who had already been proven to have tampered with the crime scene so as to frame Matt. But he soon changed his tone once he realised that Matt had videoed him performing the assassination in order to blackmail him later. As he broke his trust, he considered the contract as broken too, and what happens to his clients who find themselves breaking his trust soon become his next target.

[edit] Gyakuten Kenji 2

Shelly also appears again during the first case of Gyakuten Kenji 2.

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