Ron DeLite

Ron DeLite
Japanese nameAmasugi Yuusaku
AgePW:T&T: 23
FamilyDesirée DeLite

Ron DeLite is the defendant of the second case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; The Stolen Turnabout, where he is accused of first stealing a sacred urn, under the guise of a famed thief known as Mask*DeMasque, and later of the murder of his ex-boss, Kane Bullard.

A year previous to this, Ron was working at KB Security as a security chief, but he was fired from the company after he was caught stealing security information and selling it to rival companies. He'd actually been doing it to fund his wife's habit of spending money like it was water, so created the persona of Mask*DeMasque and began stealing precious items instead. However, after his very first heist, he tried to escape by hiding his costume in a bin and disguising himself as a security guard, but his costume, and identity, was discovered by detective Luke Atmey. Ron hid the fact that he was fired and had become a thief from his wife through fear she would leave him.

After this, he started to get blackmail letters demanding the items he stole in exchange for keeping his true identity a secret, and later, the actual plans for the heists themselves. In exchange for the treasures, Ron received thousands of dollars from the blackmailer who, unknown to Ron, was Atmey. This continued until Ron was sent a blackmail letter instructing him to meet at the KB Security company, the first time he'd been told by his blackmailer to meet him. Ron went as instructed, but when he got there, he was hit over the head and rendered unconscious, and when he woke up he discovered the body of Bullard. Worried he would be accused of the murder, he hid the body in a safe in the office and, after hearing about a heist by Mask*DeMasque that took place at the same time, turned himself in as the thief.

With Phoenix as his lawyer, he was soon found innocent of the theft, and Atmey revealed to be the true thief, as Ron had the alibi of being at the KB Security office at the time. But, this was all before Bullard's body had been discovered, and after it was, Ron was the prime suspect. It was eventually discovered that Atmey was the murderer and had planned the whole thing so that Ron would be accused of murder, whilst he would have the alibi of stealing the urn.

Ron was declared innocent, finally, and also wasn't charged for his thefts as Mask*DeMasque due to the double jeopardy rule; someone who has been proven innocent cannot be retried based on the same facts. Despite everything that he hid from Desirée, she stayed with him, the whole ordeal seeming to strengthen their relationship.

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