Rhoda Teneiro

Rhoda Teneiro
Rhoda Teneiro.PNG
Japanese nameKonomichi Ichiru
OccupationAir Stewardess
AgeAAI:ME: 24

Rhoda Teneiro is an air stewardess and appears as a witness in the second case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Airlines. She also was the designer of a line of suitcases that are sold on every iFly Airlines flight, but because the design was so hideous, and the cases very expensive, they sold very poorly. As a result, Rhoda buys a case on every flight she works on, to give the illusion that the cases are actually selling well.

She is aboard the iFly Airlines flight from Europe to America (or Japan, depending on which version of the game the player is playing), working alongside her colleague, another air stewardess, Cammy Meele. After the plane travels through some turbulence, she spots Edgeworth standing over the body of Akbey Hicks and immediately assumes that Edgeworth is responsible for his death. After Edgeworth is able to prove his innocence to her, she accompanies him as he begins his investigation into the murder.

As Edgeworth investigates, Rhoda finds herself under suspicion as the victim's phone is found in her locker, and the location of the murder, actually inside the planes cargo hold, can only be accessed by a keycard which only Rhoda has. However, it soon becomes clear that Rhoda was framed by the true murderer, Cammy Meele. After Rhoda's name is cleared she thanks Edgeworth for proving her innocence, and gives him one of the suitcases as a gift.

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