Reunion, and Turnabout

Reunion, and Turnabout
Start DateJune 19th 2017
End DateJune 22nd 2017
VictimTurner Grey
ProsecutorFranziska von Karma
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Defense AssistantPearl Fey
Mia Fey (Channelled by Pearl)
DefendantMaya Fey
GuiltyMimi Miney

This case is the second case of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, chronologically this case takes place before the 1st case of the game; The Lost Turnabout.


[edit] Case

The case opens at the scene of a car crash where someone who has just died is lamenting their death, certain that this was no accident and that they were drugged, saying they must take revenge. We then see Maya talking to Phoenix in the detention centre as she has seemingly been accused of a murder.

It cuts back to what started the whole mess and see that Phoenix is talking with a potential client, Turner Grey, a surgeon, who has recently run into trouble due to 14 patients at his clinic dieing as a result of malpractice. He is obviously upset about the whole ordeal, and claims that it is all the fault of one of the nurses but she too died in a car accident before she could confess. Phoenix recalls the incident as it made the news about a year ago when it all occurred and rumours also that Turner was responsible for the car accident, although of course Turner denies this.

As a result of the bad press, Turner's clinic is seeing less and less patients and he wants Phoenix's help to prove his innocence, or rather, he wants Maya's help as he seems to know that she is a spirit medium. Turner has things slightly mixed up as he believes that Maya was Phoenix's superior but all the same he requests Phoenix's help. Maya is still training at her home village but Turner seems to know this as he has an acquaintance who is familiar with spirit mediums and has already set up a meeting for him. He intends to channel the spirit of the nurse in order to have her confess to what she did so that his name and the clinics name can be cleared. Apparently, Maya only agreed to channel the spirit if Phoenix saw her first, which explains why Turner is now asking for his help.

Three days later the pair arrive at the Kurain Village and run into a young, quiet girl who quickly disappears before they can so much as say hello. Moments later, Maya finds them and is obviously happy to see Phoenix again as they haven't seen each other since Edgeworth's case the previous year. Maya also tells Phoenix that the girl who ran off earlier is Pearl, her younger cousin and also a spirit medium in training, apparently quite a good one given her age.

They don't have long to talk though as Maya has to go to prepare for the summoning, so Phoenix goes with Turner into the Fey Manor. Turner explains his plans for the summoning and how he wants the nurse to sign a confession of her negligence being the cause of the 14 deaths at the clinic and that she too was the cause of her own accident as alot of tabloids claimed that he was responsible for the car crash. Apparently a girl studying the occult who is an acquaintance of his who told him about Maya and introduced him to the village. They head into the summoning room where Maya's aunt and Pearl's mother, Morgan Fey, is setting everything up. She introduces herself and seems to be familiar with Phoenix and his work as Maya has spoken of him before, although she seems to be under the impression that Phoenix would have been unsuccessful in his work if it weren't for Maya's help.

Morgan also refers to Maya as "Mystic Maya", as she is the only one remaining that carries the blood of their old Master of the Fey clan, and so the last of the rightful heirs to the Kurain Channeling Technique. She also explains that she is a member of the branch family, meaning she, or anyone else of the branch family, can never become master, regardless of their spiritual power. Also, only the client and the medium can be present at the actual channeling as the techniques used in the channeling are a closely guarded secret. It's also as a safety measure, should anything go wrong, so they'll also lock the two of them in the room behind the heavy door.

She also requests that Phoenix don't talk to Pearl as she knows nothing of the outside world and wouldn't want her "pure" spirit being spoilt by something like that. On that note, Phoenix decides to take a look around the rest of the Fey manor and runs into Lotta Hart, a witness who appeared during the Edgeworth case last year. She's now working as a paranormal photographer and hopes to capture some photos during the channeling. She doesn't stick around long though as the channeling is due to start, so they both head back to the meditation room.

Maya and Turner head inside the channeling chamber and lock themselves in, leaving Phoenix, Lotta and Morgan to wait outside in the meditation room. Whilst they are waiting outside they hear two gunshots from inside the chamber so Phoenix busts open the door finding inside that Turner has been shot and Maya is still channeling a spirit who claims she was murdered by Turner. Lotta is already taking photos when Morgan rushes in and tells them both to leave and inform the police which they both do, going outside into the village to use the payphone.

After making the call they return to the manor where Morgan says that the Spirit Severing Technique was successful and Maya has "returned" but is still unconscious. Moments later Detective Gumshoe arrives, saying he was in the area on business so was assigned to the crime scene. Once he's had a chance to look over the crime scene, Gumshoe is able to fill Phoenix in on a few details, such as Maya being taken into custody and that Turner was both stabbed in the chest and shot in the forehead.

Phoenix is quickly shooed out of the channeling chamber whilst Gumshoe and the other police officers deal with the scene. He wanders around and finds himself back at the side room towards the rear of the manor where he saw someone sleeping earlier is now awake. She introduces herself as Ini Miney and seems simply the definition of an air-head, not really grasping the situation at all, despite claiming to be studying parapsychology at college. She is also the acquaintance of Turner's who introduced him to Maya and says, despite being interested in the occult, was sleeping off lunch due to feeling ill afterwards and blaming sesame seeds for it as she is allergic to them. But as soon as Phoenix mentions that Turner was the victim she claims to not really know him that well and was just a patient of his a long time ago.

He's not really getting anywhere talking to Ini so Phoenix leaves and runs into Pearl on the Winding Way, but she quickly runs off again before Phoenix can really say anything to her. So Phoenix ends up back at the meditation room where they are all offered a place to stay for the night as it appears the investigation will take some time.

The next morning Phoenix heads straight back to the detention centre to see Maya who is upset about the whole ordeal obviously, saying that she was too weak to hold back the spirits power. She also doesn't remember a thing after the channeling first begun, only that she had a dream about being dead and buried under the ground, surrounded by a familiar scent. Phoenix tells Maya that he has to go, and tells her that she should prepare the formal request for defense in the trial, despite that Maya feels she is guilty.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

The trial is scheduled for tomorrow so Phoenix is eager to leave and start investigating, but before he does, Maya gives Phoenix a charm called the Magatama which she says has always protected her. She tells Phoenix to give the charm to Pearl and she'll probably help him with her spiritual powers.

Phoenix heads back to the Kurain Village to begin his investigation and runs into Morgan who is gathering up a few things to take to Maya in the detention centre. She tells how despite the tragedy she was a little relieved that the two treasures of the Kurain Village, the scared urn on the Winding Way and folding screen placed in the channeling chamber weren't damaged. She also mentions, when Phoenix asks about how Pearl is doing, that Pearl is incredibly talented, even more so than the main family, and she laments the fact that because she is from the branch family that Pearl could never become the Master. Phoenix takes a brief look at the folding screen and notices a small hole at the bottom of it like a bullet hole before continuing to look around the manor.

He finds himself back at the sleeping quarters and Ini is still there as she had requested to stay longer in order to study. But she has no information at all and still denies knowing Turner so Phoenix leaves again, running into Pearl on the winding way. He remembers that Magatama that Maya gave him yesterday so shows it to Pearl, only to make her cry, but only because she's upset over what happened. After introducing himself, Pearl realises that Maya has spoken of him before and gets the wrong impression, thinking that Phoenix is Maya's "special someone". She does agree to help Phoenix though, so he asks her about a key she's carrying that he spotted her with yesterday too. Pearl says that she found it yesterday and gives it to Phoenix as he seems interested in it.

Pearl hands Phoenix back the Magatama as she feels she couldn't accept something so precious, but she does charge it with spiritual power first, making it begin to glow. She tells Phoenix that with it he'll be able to see people's secrets and decides to join Phoenix on his investigation so that she can explain more about it later. With that in mind, Phoenix decides to go back to Ini whom he is sure is hiding something. She's still in the sideroom (and mistakes Pearl for his daughter) so he asks yet again about Turner. This time when she says she doesn't know anything, he sees what Pearl describes as "Psyche-locks" and the more locks present means the more the person wants to hide their secret. She tells Phoenix that if he has the right proof he can unlock a psyche-lock, but that he shouldn't try otherwise. As Phoenix doesn't really have anything to go on, he decides to leave the lock for later.

Whilst walking around he runs into Gumshoe in the meditation room who feels a bit bad for Phoenix as the case seems pretty solid against Maya and Lotta is going to testify tomorrow. He also breaks the news that the prosecutor on the case is von Karma, initially Phoenix thinks Gumshoe means Manfred von Karma. But the von Karma her really means is his successor and child who became a prosecutor in Germany at the age of 13 and hasn't lost a single case in their career. On hearing the news Phoenix recalls the case from last year and how Edgeworth is "gone" but he tries not to think about it.

Gumshoe also gives Phoenix a newspaper article from last year which tells how the nurse died in a car accident last year after falling asleep at the wheel. Interestingly the nurse is named as Mimi Miney, thinking this information will come in handy, Phoenix heads back to confront Ini with the magatama and unlock the Psyche-lock. Ini still denies all knowledge of Turner, but after Phoenix shows her the newspaper article he breaks the lock and she admits that Mimi was her older sister and that she did know him after all. She says how Turner was very strict with his staff and Mimi always came home from work exhausted so she blames him for her sister's death.

Leaving Pearl behind, Phoenix heads back to the detention centre to visit Maya only to find that Maya is currently channeling Mia. After explaining everything that's happened, Mia tells Phoenix that Maya couldn't have possibly had a dream during the channeling, it's impossible as the spirit has left the body. Baring that in mind, Mia is certain that Maya must have been setup, she tells Phoenix though that he holds everything he needs to get through the trial and reassures his doubts. Just before they finish speaking, Phoenix sees three Psyche-locks infront of Mia, meaning she is hiding something but he can't think what it could be.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

The next morning Phoenix meets Maya at the defendant lobby where they talk about von Karma's successor, wondering what kind of person they will be. Pearl has also come to cheer on Maya, apparently having ran all the way here without her mother knowing. Maya wishes that Edgeworth was prosecuting the trial instead, so Phoenix has to break the news that Edgeworth left and isn't coming back, but he doesn't want to go into anymore detail.

Court begins and they finally get to meet von Karma's successor, his daughter, Franziska von Karma, who appears just as ruthless as her father was. She is also armed with a whip and tells Phoenix that she gave up her career in Germany to face Phoenix in court for revenge.

[edit] Gumshoe's Testimony

Gumshoe is first brought forward to testify about the details of the murder. He first tells how in the Channeling Chamber there are no windows and the only door was locked tight, the only people present in the room were Turner and Maya. After hearing gunshots inside the room a few minutes after the channeling began, some witnesses broke into the room and found that Turner was already dead.

The cause of death was determined to be a gunshot to the head from point-blank range, but also he was stabbed in the chest prior to the shot. The gun used actually belonged to the victim and both his and Maya's fingerprints were found on it, her fingerprints were also found on the fruit knife used in the stabbing. The case seems quite open-shut so the Judge gives Phoenix the opportunity to change the pleas to justified-self-defense, but he refuses the offer and sticks to not guilty, sure that Maya is completely innocent.

This frustrates Franziska no end as she was certain he would change his plea, so asks Gumshoe for his final pieces of testimony and evidence; Maya's bloodstained robe. Of course the blood has been tested and confirmed to be belonging to Turner. But Phoenix does spot an unusual hole in the robe which, on closer inspection, smells faintly of gunpowder meaning that it can only logically be a bullet hole. This could mean that Maya was attacked first by Turner, but this would only go towards supporting the justified self defense plea that Franziska tried to get Phoenix to plea to earlier.

Given everything they know the believe what transpired was that Maya stabbed Turner, then Turner with the last of his strength shot at Maya, but missed as they were too close. Then Maya took the gun and shot Turner in the head. Naturally this doesn't make sense, if they were fighting up close, then there should have been a gunpowder burn on the robe around the bullet hole. This means that the shot was taken at Maya from a distance and to further complicate things, the hole in the folding screen that Phoenix found was only 8 inches off the ground, meaning that Maya would have to have been sitting when the shot was fired. Also, given the trajectory and distance of the shot, Maya would have been much further away from Turner when she was shot, also meaning that the theory that she stabbed Turner unlikely as she would have been too far away from where they know he was sitting.

Franziska blames Gumshoe for things not going her way and dismisses him, the court takes a brief 5 minute recess before they reconvene with a new witness.

[edit] Hart's Testimony

Lotta is brought to the stand and explains how during the channeling they heard a gunshot and that Phoenix broke down the door. Inside they saw Maya waving around a pistol and Turner was already dead. Lotta also submits a photograph of Maya from behind, showing her wielding a gun and Turner's dead body on the mat. Despite that Maya's face is obscured in the photograph, given what they know about the crime scene in that only Turner and Maya were in the room at the time it's only logical that it is Maya with the gun.

Phoenix is at a loss for what to do as this is exactly how he would describe the state of the crime scene and has no evidence to counter it. It's then that Mia appears, only this time be channeled through Pearl's body rather than Maya's and reminds Phoenix to think back to what he saw at the crime scene. There is one thing that Phoenix recalls, and that is that Lotta actually took two photos that day and asks to see the second photo. Lotta admits she does have the photo but Franziska had told her to not mention it although Franziska plays it off that she didn't think the second photo was of any value.

Once they get a look at the second photo it becomes obvious why Franziska tried to prevent it from coming to light as the woman in the photo is clearly not Maya, but someone wearing the same robes as her. Also, there is no gunshot hole in her sleeve like the one found on Maya's clothes meaning that, even though Maya's appearance changes whilst she channels, this still cannot be Maya. He also mentions that there was only one key that locks the channeling chamber which Maya used to lock herself in with. But the key wasn't found with her when she was arrested, it was found by Pearl outside, away from the crime scene. This can only mean that Maya was moved at some point during the channeling.

The Judge feels that he cannot issue a verdict in light of this, so adjourns court for the day to give the defense and prosecution time to continue investigating.

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

Phoenix takes Pearl back to the Kurain Village and continues investigating in preparation for the trial tomorrow. It's then that Phoenix realises he never asked Pearl what she was doing at the time of the murder, but she refuses to tell him and 2 Psyche-locks appear infront of him. She does admit though that she found the key to the Channeling Chamber inside the incinerator in the garden.

At mention of the incinerator, Phoenix decides it's best to have a look, but runs into Ini first in the garden, who is already at the incinerator. She runs over to say hello and tells Phoenix about the urn at the end of the Winding Way which she says has the spirit of Ami Fey, the founder of the Kurain Channeling Technique, inside. She's still insistent that she doesn't know anything about the murder, and refuses to talk about her sisters accident, presenting Phoenix with more Psyche-locks.

As he's run into another block, Phoenix goes next to the Channeling Chamber where he overhears Morgan talking ominously to a photo of Misty Fey, although he can't quite discern the meaning of that yet. Once she notices Phoenix she apologises for not being at court today as she had to oversee training, something she must do as the Master, Misty, is absent. She mentions that, if Misty doesn't return in 4 years time, that she will be considered dead and a new master will be appointed, Maya is the next in line.

Phoenix goes back to the detention centre to see and reassure Maya about the trial. He also asks Maya about Pearl and what she was doing that day, Maya says they were just playing with a ball before the channeling, and that Phoenix will probably find it in the clothing box in the side room of the manor.

Phoenix heads back to the manor and finds the ball in question and also takes a look at the clothing box (which Lotta happened to be hiding in as she's been avoiding Phoenix since the trial) and notices a small hole in it that just happens to be about 8 inches off the ground.

After this brief investigation, Phoenix finds Pearl again at the Meditation Room and decides to ask her about the time of the murder a second time. She doesn't want to tell Phoenix still, but says she will admit it if he can guess correctly, so he says what Maya had told her; that she was playing with her ball in the Winding Way. He also deduces that something bad must have happened, given that Pearl doesn't want to tell him, and remembers the state of the Sacred Urn. The Urn looks like it had been broken and then clumsily reassembled, it now even spells "I AM", instead of "AMI", so Phoenix thinks that Pearl accidentally knocked it over whilst playing with the ball and caused it to break. Pearl admits it's true, and that she didn't know how to spell Ami's name when she reassembled the urn, but Phoenix reassures her that he won't tell her mother about it, and that Ami's spirit is probably happy to be free out of that urn.

Phoenix is on the move again and runs into Lotta, who apologises for what happened in court again and says that she suspects Ini as the true murderer, given that Morgan was with them the whole time in the meditation room. As a result of her suspicion, Lotta has been digging up information on her and managed to find out that she was hospitalised 6 months ago at the Hotti Clinic, she hasn't found out why though as she hasn't been down to the clinic itself.

Lotta gives Phoenix the address of the clinic and he heads straight down there and runs into Director Hotti who thankfully does remember Ini. Despite the fact that it becomes increasingly ambiguous as to whether this guy is really the director, Phoenix continues to question him. Apparently Ini transferred from the general hospital to their clinic a year ago as an emergency case after being involved in a bad traffic accident. Her face was badly burnt and had to be re-constructed, using the photograph from her drivers license as a reference which incidentally Hotti had stolen, but lets Phoenix take it as he's investigating a murder. He also tells Phoenix that she was discharged back in December.

With this information Phoenix heads back to the Kurain village and runs into Lotta again who tells him that Morgan is speaking to the police right now. She also tells Phoenix that the current master of the Kurain technique was supposed to be Morgan as she was the eldest daughter, but due to her lack of power she was passed over and the position given to her younger sister, Misty.

Phoenix heads back to find Ini to try and break her Psyche-lock about her traffic accident. She denies being involved until Phoenix shows her the newspaper article about it, proving she was involved in an accident and it was the same accident that killed her sister. Ini finally admits it was true, she fell asleep whilst her sister was driving them both home and at some point crashed the car, she managed to escape but her sister died in the resulting fire. She still believes though that Turner caused the accident by drugging her sister in order to kill her and blame her for the deaths at the clinic. She finishes up by telling Phoenix that it will be difficult for him to catch her.

On his way out of the village there is some commotion as Morgan is being escorted by Gumshoe out of the village, presumably for questioning as she called the police earlier. Despite feeling bad for leaving Pearl by herself, she insists he go and see Maya.

When Phoenix arrives at the detention centre he finds Mia there instead as Maya is channeling her right now. Remembering also that Mia had some Psyche-locks, Phoenix attempts to break them by asking her what she seems to know about the murderer. Phoenix believes that Mia is protecting Morgan, the reason for his suspicion being that Morgan would be the only one who could have taken the key from Maya just after the murder and caused it to end up in the incinerator. Mia points out that despite all this, Morgan still has an alibi as she was in the meditation room during the murder, so Phoenix thinks that she must have had an accomplice; Ini Miney. Mia agrees with the logic, but is still confused as to how Ini could know so much about the Fey Manor and the village, and Phoenix can't understand Morgan's motive for wanting to murder Turner, although Mia is certain everything will be revealed in court tomorrow.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

The next morning Phoenix, Maya and Pearl meet at court for what should be the final day of the trial. Before they head inside, Phoenix asks Pearl to channel Mia, but not just because he would like Mia's support, but also so that she won't see the events that are likely to unfold. They head inside the court room and Morgan is called to testify.

[edit] Morgan Fey's Testimony

Morgan tells how after the murder she asked Phoenix and Lotta to call the police whilst she perform the Spirit Severing Technique, but, before she was able to do so, Maya (whilst being possessed) pushed her aside and escaped from the room. Morgan fainted briefly during this time so she doesn't know where Maya went, but she didn't mention this before in order to protect Maya.

Phoenix asks then, if Morgan was unconscious, how she knew that Maya had left the room at all, but Franziska interrupts to say that she has another witness who can confirm it.

[edit] Miney's Testimony

Ini says that on the day of the murder she was sleeping when she got a visit from her sister, Mimi, who was being channelled by Maya at the time. Mimi told Ini that the car accident was no accident at all and that she had been drugged with sleeping pills and also that she had taken her revenge. Phoenix thinks this is strange though, given that Ini makes no mention of anything being strange despite that Mimi would have been covered in blood.

Ini changes her testimony to say that the reason she didn't spot the blood was because the room was dark and it blended in with the purple of her robe. She then says that she took her sister back to the Channeling Chamber, and on the way didn't see anything unusual, which Phoenix thinks is odd because at this point Pearl would have been repairing the damaged Sacred Urn on the Winding Way.

Phoenix thinks this is all just a lie, but Ini did mention that Morgan was the only one in the Channeling Chamber, and they only way she would have known that was if she was in the Channeling Chamber itself, not off in the Side Room. Logically, the only place she could have been hiding was behind the folding screen in the clothes box as Maya stated she never saw anyone else in the chamber besides herself and Turner before the channeling begun. Naturally, the two holes from the bullet in both the box and the folding screen at the same distance off the floor confirm the box would also have been there at the crime scene. Given that Ini was hiding in the room, Phoenix accuses Ini of being the real murderer in this case and, instead of it being Maya channeling Mimi in the photograph, it is actually Ini dressed in Maya's robes.

Franziska notes that there is far too much to be done such as moving the box, getting the spare robes and what not, that it could not have been done by just Ini, so Phoenix names Morgan as her accomplice. After all the accusations, Ini breaks down.

Phoenix goes over how he think everything happened, Ini planted herself in the clothes box at the crime scene before the channeling begun, dressed in a medium's robes and wearing a wig. Whilst the channeling was going on, she drugged Maya with a strong sleeping agent and then stabbed Turner. She then hid Maya inside the box so that she could take Maya's place to frame her, but then, unexpectedly, Turner hadn't died yet and shot at Ini. But Turner was badly injured and missed, which is why the bullet hit the folding screen and box behind it, then Ini took his gun and shot him in the head. It was after the second gunshot that Phoenix and Lotta broke down the door, and moments later, after seeing the scene, that Morgan chased them out again, she and Ini could then clear away any obvious signs of deception.

Franziska admits it's possible, but there is no motive for Ini and Morgan to kill Turner, but Phoenix thinks the reason would be Ini's sisters death and Ini's own injuries as a result of the car accident. Ini denies it, and also says that she wouldn't have waited 6 months for her revenge if she had really wanted to take any, besides, Turner had come to her about the spirit channeling, not the other way around.

The Judge is inclined to agree, as this doesn't explain why Morgan was involved either and wants to end the cross-examination of Ini, but Mia interrupts, asking for just one more minute of her time. Franziska is interested in what Phoenix could possibly have to prove his theory around the murder, so grants him another opportunity to cross examine Ini, so court takes a brief recess first.

After the recess is over, in which Maya is shocked to hear that her aunt could be behind all this, Phoenix resumes questioning Ini. As Ini and Turner's only real point of connection is the car accident, he asks her to testify about what happened. She says how she fell asleep whilst her sister was driving and woke up when the car crashed to find the car filled with flames and smoke. But Ini managed to open the door and escape, as they know. But Phoenix asks why Ini didn't switch places and drive if her sister was so tired, but Ini says she couldn't as she doesn't have a drivers license.

Phoenix questions Ini on this, as he knows that Ini had a license at the time, as the photograph from it was used to reconstruct her face after her injuries. Although, Ini says she got the license after her constructive surgery,. the photograph wasn't necessarily from prior to the accident as Director Hotti didn't specify when he stole it. Ini also says that even if she did have her license then her sister would never have let her drive it anyway because she had just gotten a new sports car and wouldn't let a new driver drive it. The car was especially imported from England and Mimi had to wait a whole year for it to arrive so she was especially protective of it.

But being a car from England, that would mean the drivers side was on the right, instead of the left side like it is in America. But, in Ini's interview she gave last year about the accident, she said she got out of the right side, the drivers side of the car, not the passenger side. But the only person with a license was Mimi, meaning that surely only Mimi could have been driving, Phoenix believes that the person infront of them isn't Ini at all, but actually Mimi and that Ini was the sister who died at the crash site.

Phoenix believes that after the crash Mimi pretended to be Ini to erase her past as Mimi and start fresh as Ini. She effectively stole her sisters identity and had her face reconstructed after the burns from the accident. This would also give Mimi a motive as, when Turner would ask Maya to call the spirit, obviously there would be no spirit to call as Mimi had never died and that would uncover her secret.

Before Franziska can object or try to counter, Mimi admits that it's all true, leaving Franziska distraught that this is her very first loss in court. Maya is finally declared not guilty and Mimi arrested, Morgan is also arrested for her role as accomplice.

Somewhere, at an unknown date in the solitary confinement cells, Morgan is reflecting on her role in the murder, and how she did it all so that Maya would be out of the way and Pearl could succeed as the next master of the Kurain family, and swears that another chance will present itself...

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