Plum Kitaki

Plum Kitaki
Japanese nameKitaki Koume
AgeAJ:AA: 42
FamilyHusband: Winfred Kitaki
Son: Wocky Kitaki

Plum Kitaki is the wife of mob-boss Winfred Kitaki and appears in Turnabout Corner. Recently, the family have been trying to clean up their business and go legit.

During the case her son, Wocky Kitaki, is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Pal Meraktis, a doctor whom the family often use for their more questionable injuries. Despite Wocky's insistence that he was the one who shot Meraktis, Plum is certain that he is innocent as she knows how clumsy her son is with a gun.

The same night of Meraktis' murder, Plum was also victim to a crime, as her panties were stolen by Wesley Stickler. She was grateful to Apollo and Trucy for returning them, and obviously later for them helping to prove her son innocent.

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