Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebook Vol 1 - The Phoenix Wright Files

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebook Vol 1 - The Phoenix Wright Files
Japanese nameGyakuten Saiban - Official Anthology Comic - Naruhodo Ryuichi
Release datesJPN 28th March 2006 (Volume 1)
JPN 28th September 2006 (Volume 2)
US 23rd September 2008
JPN 25th March 2010 (Re-print)
PublisherJPN Capcom Comics
US Del Rey
ISBNJPN 4862330398 (Volume 1)
JPN 4862330819 (Volume 2)
US 9780345503558

This is volume 1 of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebooks series of manga. The series spans 4 volumes in Japan and 2 in the US, the English language release combines the first 2 and last 2 volumes into 1 book each. The 2 books would later be collected into one volume in Japan and reprinted.

This series is a collection of short stories by various artists, featuring characters from across the first 3 games, but they all have Phoenix Wright as the central character.


[edit] Stories

  • Progress Toward Tomorrow, by Tamako Yamauichi
  • Turnabout Interference, by Kei Nisemura
  • Turnabout Illusions, by Seventh Gear
  • A Small Case in a Small Office, by Wataru Yamasaki
  • Kind Lies, by Tsubaki Mikage
  • Turnabout Misunderstanding, by Kaname Uchimura
  • Motive Power, by Naruzo
  • Turnabout Day Off, by Yuya Kurogami
  • Turnabout Kitten, by Natsu Otono
  • Spirit Medium or Bust!, by Kaoru Osada
  • It's Not Easy Being A Defense Lawyer, by DAIGO
  • A Turnabout Day Together, by Masao Aona
  • Turnabout? Food Fight, by Yorozu
  • Car Life, My Life, by Tamako Yamauichi
  • Ball Search Team, Head Out!!, by Tomo
  • The Legendary Defense Attorney, by Kikuchiyo Anko
  • Maya's Blue Skies, by Wataru Yamasaki
  • The Mystery of the Missing Manju, by Tsukapon
  • Encounter with the Unknown, by Rin Hashiba
  • Turnabout Big Turnaround, by Shinosuke

Plus various 4-koma by Kikuchiyo Anko, Aira Kano and Kiyono Shimanda.

[edit] Cover Scans

[edit] Japanese

[edit] English

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