Newspaper Clipping 2 (Reunion, and Turnabout)

Newspaper Clipping 2
Received fromDick Gumshoe/Director Hotti
CaseReunion, and Turnabout

This is a newspaper clipping about the death of Mimi Miney, the nurse who worked at Turner Grey's clinic. It reads how Mimi died as a result of her car crashing when she fell asleep at the wheel and Director Hotti fills in some further parts of the article later on.

-Highway of Nightmares-
May 24 - Late last night, two women's car crashed into a highway center divide. One of the women was not able to escape the flaming wreckage and died at the site.
Ongoing investigation has revealed that the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.
-Ms. Ini Miney Holds Interview About Crash-
I was like, really tired and I dropped off to sleep. Then there was this crash, and like, I woke up in a huge sea of flames. I was like, still half-asleep, but I opened the right door and like, got out.
I don't, like, remember anything else.
-Doctor Lurking in the Shadows?
If Ms. Ini Miney is to be believed, the one driving the car was her sister, Mimi Miney.
Mimi Miney was the nurse at Grey Surgical Clinic where 14 patients were accidentally overdosed to their death. Is this then, just a mere coincidence...?
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