Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall
Profile (Neil Marshall).png
Age27 (deceased)
Japanese NameZaimon Naoto
FamilyBrother: Jake Marshall

Neil Marshall was a prosecutor and victim of the SL-9 incident, a case that occurred 2 years prior to the 5th case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. On the day of his murder he was awarded the King of Prosecutors trophy.

Neil was the prosecutor incharge of SL-9 and worked closely alongside the detectives assigned to the case for 6 months whilst they tried to catch serial murderer, Joe Darke. This was also the first time that Neil got to work with his brother, Jake, who was working as a detective at the time. Eventually Darke was brought in for questioning, it having taken so long to do so due to a lack of evidence. Whilst being questioned by Neil and Damon Gant, Darke managed to escape and fled into Gant and Lana Skye's office. Ema Skye was waiting in the office at the time and was taken hostage by Darke, Neil had given chase and confronted and fought with Darke to rescue Ema. At the time, Neil had his trophy with him so, as he fought with Darke he pulled out the sword section of the award to fend him off with. There was a heavy thunderstorm at the time and the lights went out, as Neil was about to strike Darke with the knife, Ema, thinking the situation was the other way around, knocked Neil over and rendered him unconscious. Whilst he was unconscious Gant came into the room and saw all 3 occupants were knocked out. He picked up Neil's unconscious body and impaled him onto the sword of a suit of armour he had on display in order to implicate Ema in the murder. When Lana arrived and saw the scene, she and Gant further manipulated the scene so that it appeared as if Darke had killed Neil and he was recorded as the final victim of SL-9.

It wasn't until the end of Rise from the Ashes 2 years later that the combined efforts of Phoenix and Edgeworth revealed the true cause of Neil's murder.

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