Mimi Miney

Mimi Miney
Japanese nameHanaka Mimi
OccupationFormer Nurse
FamilySister: Ini Miney

Mimi Miney is a former nurse who appears in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout. About a year before her appearance she was working with Turner Grey at his clinic as a nurse but, as a result of malpractice, she accidentally was responsible for 14 patient deaths. Two weeks after this she, for reasons never fully explained, she crashed her car whilst driving herself and her sister, Ini Miney, home. Mimi managed to escape the resulting car fire but her sister died in the flames. Despite escaping alive, she was badly injured and had to spend the next 6 months in hospital recovering. At some point during this time she pretended that she was actually her sister Ini and that Mimi had infact died, even having her face reconstructed after her injuries to the appearance of her sister instead of her own. Once she was discharged from hospital she fully assumed Ini's identity and started at the college Ini was studying at, studying Parapsychology. She did all of this so that she could put her past as Mimi behind her and could start a new life.

About another 6 months passed when Turner approached her asking for her help. He wanted to call upon the spirit of Mimi, whom of course he thought had died in the accident, so that she could sign a confession admitting to deaths at the clinic and also that the car accident was her own fault. Ever since then Turner and his clinic had suffered a damaged reputation and he wanted to be able to finally clear his name. Mimi knew that there would be no spirit to call on and that the fact that she was still alive would be exposed if Turner was to go forward with the channelling, but she agreed. She then approached Morgan Fey and the two of them corroborated to both kill Turner and also frame Maya for the murder, Morgan having her own reasons to want Maya out of the picture.

The plan was set into motion and Maya agreed to the summoning, before it began Mimi hid herself in the Channeling Chamber disguised as Maya and, whilst the summoning was going on and the two were deeply meditating she drugged Maya with a strong sleeping agent. She then stabbed Turner but he didn't die immediately, he was able to take a shot at her but missed. Mimi then stole Turner's gun and shot him, her and Morgan then tried to clean up the scene so that any evidence of their deception and framing of Maya wouldn't be found. However, Phoenix took on Maya's case and was successfully able to prove that Mimi had killed Turner with Morgan's aid, and also the she had stolen her sisters identity.

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