Marvin Grossberg

Marvin Grossberg
Japanese nameHoshikage Soranosuke
AgePW:AA: 64
PW:T&T: 61 in flashback case
OccupationDefense Attorney

Marvin Grossberg is a veteran defense attorney who first appears in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Sisters. During his time he amassed a measure of wealth and had a hand in training such talent as Diego Armando and Mia Fey.

15 years before this, another attorney working at Grossberg's office, Robert Hammond, became involved in a famous case, DL-6, and Grossberg learnt how a spirit medium was used during the investigation. The ghost of the victim in the case named a suspect, but he was later cleared of the charge of murder. Sometime after this, Redd White approached Grossberg with large sums of money in return for information and eventually gave in, telling him about the use of the spirit medium. White went on to use this information to tell the press about what had happened, causing the medium to go into hiding. Grossberg felt a deal of shame about what he had done, and continued to be blackmailed after this by White until he was finally arrested and brought to justice by Phoenix Wright after White murdered Mia.

Grossberg later appears during Turnabout Goodbyes assisting Phoenix and Maya in their investigation as the case was closely linked to DL-6. Additionally he appears during Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations; Turnabout Memories as Mia's aid during the trial of Phoenix.

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