Maggey Byrde

Maggey Byrde
Japanese nameSuzuki Mako
AgePW:JFA: 22
PW:T&T: 23
AAI:ME: 23
OccupationPolicewoman, Waitress, Security Guard

Maggey Byrde is a policewoman who works at the same precinct as Detective Gumshoe, working under him. She is determined and cheerful, but seems to be cursed with bad luck.

During The Lost Turnabout, Maggey becomes accused of murdering her boyfriend, Dustin Prince, another policeman at the precinct whom she had been dating at the time for about six months. Whilst the two of them were walking in the park they found a lost mobile phone which started to ring soon after. It was the owner and they both agreed to meet in the park so she could return the phone, however he never showed. Shortly after, a man pushed Dustin off the side of the higher up portions of the park, causing him to fall and break his neck. Maggey was later taken into custody and accused of Dustin's murder, soon after Phoenix Wright took on her case. Just as the trial was starting, Maggey had another stroke of bad luck, Phoenix had amnesia. But despite this the two worked together and, with the later aid of Maya, managed to get through the trial and prove Maggey innocent.

Maggey appears again a year later in Recipe for Turnabout, now a waitress in a French cafe. However, she has yet another bad stroke of luck, she has been accused of murder again.

Her chain of bad luck continues as, once again, she finds herself implicated in the first case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Turnabout Visitor. By this point Maggey is working as a security guard for the prosecution office and working one of the night shifts. In the small hours of the morning she is approached by Jacques Portsman, a prosecutor at the office, as he has forgotten the key to his office. Maggey takes the master key which opens all the doors in the building and accompanies him to his office to open it for him. Unknown to Maggey is that Portsman had switched the number plates on his and Edgeworth's offices so Maggey was actually opening Edgeworth's office. Later that morning Portsman kills Buddy Faith in Edgeworth's office and, when confronted by Edgeworth and Gumshoe, accuses Maggey of being the murderer. However, they are both able to prove her innocence.

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