Lotta Hart

Lotta Hart
Japanese nameOosawagi Natsumi
AgePW:AA: 22
PW:JFA: 23

Lotta is a photographer who first appears during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Goodbyes. She makes a couple of appearances through the series, her job always being related to photography. She speaks with a southern accent (Kansai region accent in the Japanese version).

During Turnabout Goodbyes, Lotta was staying in her car by the lake on the night of the murder, trying to capture photographs of a supposed lake monster named Gourdy. After she learns that a murder happened on the lake and that her camera, which was set up to capture photographs when hearing a loud noise, had evidence, she became excited to learnt that she may be a witness. But in court it became clear that she'd actually not seen a thing despite claiming to have done. Her photos were useful to the case however.

Lotta appeared again as a witness in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout and Farewell, My Turnabout, this time being more honest in what she saw, having learnt her lesson from the previous year. Lotta was now working as a paranormal photographer in the first case and a tabloid photographer in the latter case. This time she captured some photographs that proved very important during the cases.

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Lotta appears in the following cases:

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